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Full Version: How much you made so far for this year?
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Hi, I'm new here, this is my first post. I was wondering if you could share some of your stories, on how you made a profit in the stock market here? And if so, how much so far have you made for this year?Shy

about three petot sir, per trade, 100 trades per day, 300 petot per day Sad
Wow! And you can do this consistently? How much money do you need to have to do this? Would you care to show an example, sir scalper? Thanks!
Hmmmm.... Ask mo rin.... How much money have you lost this year... Big Grin
So far I've made -33,444.06 (Losses).

Investore mode kasi. Hehe. Big Grin

But I'm treating these losses as my tuition fee to experience this Chaotic Stock Market.
Haha! The past year or so nasa profit naman, pero anything na nakuha ko this year ay loss. Tongue
5thousand plus losses ko, (lungkot ng pasko)
...profits dipped this year, original fund still up more than +100% Tongue profits from 2014 came from VLL WEB among other stocks, I'm just human, not a guru, not a supertrader...40k lang profit Big Grin
wow grabe naman.. how can we reach that kind of amount? hehehe just curious though. Help is much better. thanks
last year I lost 50K but im positive na mababawi ko un this year,.... sana
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