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...kaya pala angat lang ito ng angat eh Tongue

Macro Asia to build $3-million aviation school

MACRO Asia Corp., an aircraft maintenance company controlled by tycoon Lucio Tan, has signed an agreement with PTC Holdings Corp. to create a joint venture for the establishment of an integrated aviation career and resource-development company.

Macro Asia will own 51 percent of the school called First Aviation Academy Inc. (FAA) The rest will be owned by PTC Holdings. FAA will initially invest some $3 million to establish a training and skills-assessment center for aviation professionals.

The facility will be based in Subic Bay International Airport and start operating by the first half of 2018. Initially, it will pursue pilot training, certification and career-development courses in the field of aviation. The partnership aims to address the foreseen shortage of aviation professionals for airline clients not only in the Philippines but also in other countries, according to Macro Asia.

The school will start with three aircraft—two single-engine light aircraft and one twin-engine light aircraft. It will also have two simulators, which have dual and control-loading yoke system and dual rudder pedal for simultaneous pilot and copilot control.

The school’s curriculum will include more than 200 flying hours using the single- and twin-engine aircraft, which is more than what is currently being offered in the industry.

“The school is optimistic to produce more than 300 pilots and achieve conservatively about $17 million cumulative revenue for the first five years of its operations,” the FAA said in a statement.

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MacroAsia sees income hitting at least P1 billion

MACROASIA Corp. is expecting to post at least P1 billion in net income for the year, a top official said, with the company’s performance for the year thus far already exceeding 2016’s earnings.

MacroAsia Chief Financial Officer and Vice-President for Administration and Business Development Amador T. Sendin told BusinessWorld it has already exceeded the double-digit profit growth the company earlier said it targeted. MacroAsia reported a net income of P670 million as of the first half of the year, higher than the P440.16 million it booked in 2016.

“Last year our net income was P440 million, second half this year is already P670 [million]… At the end of the year we’re expecting to hit at least a billion,” Mr. Sendin said on the sidelines of the signing of a joint venture agreement between MacroAsia and PTC Holdings Corp.

The official said MacroAsia is keeping a double-digit income growth target for 2018.

The company will also continue to focus on its core business of aviation services, the official said. It signed on Monday a joint venture agreement with PTC Holdings to set up an aviation school that will supply personnel to airlines.

The company is also studying acquisitions of logistics firms to complement its current businesses. The study is set to be completed in a year.

“We were into a logistics venture eight years ago but the joint venture didn’t do well. We had to close it. But now, we’re looking at some acquisitions… It has synergy with our businesses,” Mr. Sendin told reporters.

MacroAsia also plans to eventually spin off assets in its water concession business.

“We’re going to expand it, we’ll have it scaled, but by that time we will probably spin it off, separate it, because the focus will be on aviation services,” Mr. Sendin

(10-18-2017, 08:57 AM)Ollie Wrote: [ -> ]...everybody should have this stock in their portfolios

have Comm, eto ata best stock pick ko haha banana

First buy ave 6.378762 +183.99
then buy on dips
11.834814 +53.06
10.430680 +73.67

^^ are one lucky devil you! Big Grin next time bigyan mo ako ng tip ha? Tongue
...sabi nila LSC daw yung logistics company na tinatarget ng MACroAsia

Lucio Tan's MacroAsia eyes logistics acquisition

MANILA - Taipan Lucio Tan's MacroAsia Corp, which handles airport ground services, is looking to acquire a local logistics firm to compliment its business, a company official said Monday.

The firm that handles catering services among others said it hoped to finish the feasibility study for the transaction within a year. It did not disclose the target.

"We were into a logistics venture 8 years ago but the joint venture didn't do well. We had to close it. But now, we're looking at some acquisitions," said MacroAsia CFO Amador Sendin.

Tan chairs both MacroAsia and flag carrier Philippine Airlines.

MacroAsia also disclosed to the stock exchange on Monday that it would establish an aviation career and resource development company under a joint venture agreement with PTC Holdings Corp.

(10-18-2017, 09:37 PM)Ollie Wrote: [ -> ]^^ are one lucky devil you! Big Grin next time bigyan mo ako ng tip ha? Tongue

haha chamba lang Comm Smile pero dati nasa 6pesos to 10pesos lagi ako nagpost na samahan ako sa MAC wala gusto sumama Smile

almost 20 na and mala DD style, come 80 pesos haha
...just hold on and then make a screen shot of it, tipong before and after...then send it to me, gamitin natin pang seminar Tongue
sure Comm, actually meron pa ako nito sa bdo nomura account ko (opened bdo account para sa ipo's haha madali kasi makakuha ipo sa bdo). Better average 5.8 yung first buy then around 10 yung next haha. Though mas maliit volume compared sa philstocks...

[Image: MAC%20at%20BDO.png]

Share ko screenshot ng Philstocks pag nasa 30 na banana
buti nakadagdag ulit nung dip sa 19 level. Go for 30 Smile
...MAC subsidiary declares P70M cash dividend

Declaration of Cash Dividends by MacroAsia Catering Services, Inc., a MacroAsia Corporation subsidiary

We are advising the PSE and the investing public that MacroAsia Catering Services Inc. (MACS), 67% owned by MacroAsia Corporation and 33% owned by Singapore Airport Terminal Services (SATS), in its regular board meeting today, 28 November 2017, has declared Seventy Million Pesos (Php70,000,000.00) cash dividend. The dividends are payable on December 19, 2017. MacroAsia Corporation's share in this dividend declaration is Forty Six Million Nine Hundred Thousand Pesos (Php46,900,000). 

MACS, based principally in Manila, is a dominant provider of airline catering in the Ninoy International Airport (NAIA) and the Manila Domestic Airport (MDA).

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