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Full Version: Ano po ba ang ASM (Annual Shareholder Meeting)?
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Ano po ba ang ASM (Annual Shareholder Meeting)? Ano po ba ang meron dito? Pano po ba or sino pede mag-attend dito? Huh
In an annual shareholders meeting, management, the owners and small share holders get to meet and discuss the past years profits, achievement, difficulties etc. It is here where the financial statements gets to be discussed and scrutinized. Also, future plans and projects of the company may be brought up. Usually there's a Q&A portion where you can ask the CEO or the top management questions regarding the company.
how many shares you should have to consider a small shares??? a board lot will be enough???
Considered small shareholders are those that own shares less than 5% of a corporations stock. If you have the minimum board lot, then you are considered a stock holder and eligible to attend the annual stock holders meeting.