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Full Version: Adjusting stock price following a rights offer?
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Hi SMPeers!

I am curious on how to compute for price adjustment of a stock after a rights offer...Take for example, BEL. How can we forecast its adjusted price come offer's trading date? Hahabulin ba ng current trading price yung SRO price niya of P3.00/sh?

Sorry if magulo yung line questioning. Nalilito rin ako eh hehe.

Thanks po in advance Smile
hi maam Aiz Big Grin sensya inabot pa ng ilang araw bago masagot que mo.

dont know if tama sagot:

bel closed @ 4 a day ng exdate
computation for exdate = (6 shares x 4) + 3 na cost of rights divide sum by 7 equals 3.85-3.86 adjusted price

hope tama maam Big Grin
Ang galing talaga ni boss Spy Big Grin... Now ko lang din ulit na-visit ito medyo busy po. Kumusta, boss? Thanks for the reply, timely pa din 'to Smile