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Full Version: Stocks Review by JMF/Simple Trader
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(01-09-2018, 01:51 PM)Palakulista Wrote: [ -> ]Thanks sa MRP madam!

Congratulations, Palakulista. Sana mag breakout sa cup and handle.

Manage the trade na  lang siguro. We never know where it will take us.

Quarterly chart, as of January 9, 2018
The chikou span’s quarterly resistance was tested today , but price was unable to pierce through. It hit 11.80 and closed at 11.06. This is the last Ichimoku resistance that needs to be broken for BLOOM to restore equilibrium with the kijun sen on the quarterly timeframe.

[Image: bloomqurter.png?w=736]
This LTG chart was posted at my Discord Group on November 14, 2017
 [Image: ltgy.png?w=736]

LTG finally breaks out, closes at 20.80  and consolidates above the golden ratio .618 Fibo level at 19.72
Hold as long as price stays above 19.72.
Current chart, Jan 9, 2018

[Image: ltg2.png?w=736] muna
... Tongue
sana mag Kumo breakout ang ALCO madam...

Current price 6.60
[Image: px4.png?w=736]
SMC PF GSMI all above RSI 70 weekly- Parabolic status
Kumo breakout above 1.10
Cup and handle
[Image: brn.png?w=736]

[Image: apx.png?w=736]