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Full Version: Stocks Review by JMF/Simple Trader
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CEI bounced at kumo support at .24
Current price is .30

More about this trade here:
[Image: cei.png?w=736]
ATN bounced at kijun sen support near .53
Current price is at .62

I posted this chart at my Discord group on March 23, 2018
More about this trade here

[Image: atn.png?w=736]

My March 27 chart
[Image: ltg.png?w=736]
[Image: popi.png?w=736]
[Image: sti.png?w=736]

[Image: vll2.png?w=736]

Posted at my Discord group on March 21, 2018
Buy range 2.10-2.25
High on April 2, 2018 =2.65
Number of trading days =6
[Image: ion.png?w=736]

[Image: ion1.png?w=736]