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Full Version: Stocks Review by JMF/Simple Trader
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BRN medium term support at .92/ Resistance .97/ 1.05
PF broke resistance at 510/ 535 ;  382 fibo resistance. If price stays above this until end of week, chance of rally next week to challenge previous high at 640/ possible parabolic curve pattern
GSMI broke above downtrendline and .382 fibo resisatnce. If it could stay above 24.40, target 26.65 then  30;  Breakout above that .Possible parabolic curve pattern in the works
MAC consolidating near breakout point. Today's support at 23.20. Breakout above 24.75
IMI resisatne at 20/ support at 18.50
MJC range resistance at 3.70 and 4.30.  SUpport at 3.50 then 3.25/ bearish volume and RSI  divergence spotted/short term consolidation/  medium term pattern still bullish
BHI next resistance at .086/.098 support at .079 then .075
PXP support at 10.10/ resistance at 10.70
RLT resiatnce .60 / support at .54
MRC support at .375 then .36/ resiatcne at .42
ANI  uptrend holds as logn as above 12
SMPH/AC/MEG still in a sideways trend. 
PSEI still below the ema 21 support line. Support at 8200. resistance at 8340/8400

Just my two cents.
thans madam

your two cents is worth more than my two petot hehe
How to be u po mam jmf...hehe. Thanks sa mga charts and analysis...
maam may drawing kayo ng EW? thanks
RSA plays GSMI PF mainit
Both good charts
IDC hourly
[Image: idc31.png?w=736]
for zaynhalik

EW hourly chart
Hourly chart
Rising wedge?
Bearish divergence.
Target will move as price moves. Invalid pattern if price breaks above 35.45

[Image: ew2.png?w=736]
I wrote about this on October 20, 2017 on my Facebook page.

I did not hype this  because it was illiquid and I wished you could find the bullish setup yourselves.

This may consolidate for  a while after the strong rally  this week so you might want to wait for a setup first.

Currently , it has a bearish volume and RSI divergence so let's wait and see.

Here is the link to my blog:
^^! it's MJC?!!!! Tongue
(11-24-2017, 08:59 AM)Ollie Wrote: [ -> ]^^! it's MJC?!!!! Tongue

Pinadala ko sa email yan remember?   
Tinapon mo lang ha  Dodgy
Pero nauna ka pa mag spot dyan , Comm.  2 pesos palang binabantayan mo na yan right? Magaling ang radar mo.