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Full Version: Stocks Review by JMF/Simple Trader
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Total value turnover was also up by 20 percent at P6.48 billion and foreign investors transactions eclipsed their previous day’s business of 57 percent of overall market transactions and, at the same time, ended as net buyers for the day.

Pixiu, who had been a source of excitement in the game, was a little subdued. She submitted three trading orders last Monday, and stayed quiet thereafter. Her trading orders were to sell her total holdings of 100,000 shares in Philippine Realty and Holdings Corporation (RLT) at P0.50 per share to buy 100,000 shares of the Gatchalian-led companies Wellex Industries, Incorporated (WIN) at P0.34 and 50,000 shares of Waterfront Philippines, Incorporated (WPI) at P0.77 apiece. All of the trading orders were deemed “Done” in their stated prices.

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First three days of Week 26

For the first three days of Week 26, the scramble for number one was carried on by a battle of strategic trading moves between novice investor Play Hard and the indefatigable technical chartist Pixiu, with the later playing catch up.

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BEAUTIFUL long term chart
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