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Full Version: Make Your Small Introduction Here (Guys Lagay Kayo Avatar Pls Thanks)
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Name: Arabella
DOB: March 14
Sex: Female
Location: Manila
Trading Bias: TA
Broker: COL
Small Message for SMP: Learning may be my passion but earning is my motivation.
Name: Tom
DOB: Aug 7
Sex: Male
Location: Makati
Trading Bias: Own Research/Analysis
Broker: Accord
Small message to SMP: P38K realized gain from P224K for 5mos? Is it good enough performance for a start?

Name: Brian
DOB: August 8
Sex: Male
Location: Port Moresby
Trading Bias: None yet
Broker: COL
Small message to SMP: This is an awesome page for newbies like me. Hoping to learn more from the masters here especially to Comm Ollie..
Name: Lilia
DOB: Oct 1
Sex: Female
Location: Los Banos Laguna
Trading Bias: Long term investment
Broker: COL
Small Message to SMP: I want to learn other alternatives to SAM from Truly Rich Club of Bo Sanchez.
Name: Eydee
DOB: 11 Dec
Sex: Male
Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
Trading Bias: Technical first, Fundamental second, Tips madalas
Broker/s: COL
Small Message for SMP: I'm Here
Thanks for taking me in
Name: e3d
DOB: May09
Sex: Male
Location: Olongapo
Trading bias: bias as always
Broker: COL
Message: full pledge doctor, ambitious trader
Name: Ed Sasoy
DOB: 1/20/61
Sex: Male
Location: CDO
Trading Bias: Long Term Stock Holder
Broker/s: COL Financial
Name: Mans Galvez
DOB: 1/22/70
Sex: Male
Location: makati
Trading Bias: NA
Broker/s: COL Financial
DOB: July 1
Gender: Male
Location: La union
Brokers: BPITrade & FisrtMetroSec