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Manila Jockey Club, Inc. (MJC) was incorporated on March 22, 1937, and was granted a franchise on October 23, 1972, through Republic Act No. 6631, to operate and maintain a racetrack and conduct horse races. The Company conducts its racing operations in its horse racing facility in Carmona, Cavite. MJC also operates off-track betting stations (OTBs) and is expanding its OTB network in Metro Manila as well as in provincial areas. As of December 31, 2010, the Company had a total of 255 OTB stations, 29 of which are located in provincial areas.

In line with MJC's vision to expand its business operations and to enhance the value of the shareholders' investment, the Company is also engaged in the development of its real estate assets through joint venture agreements with leading property developers. MJC has recently ventured into gaming operations with the establishment of a casino known as the Pagcor Club San Lazaro located at the 3rd Floor of the Turf Club at the San Lazaro Leisure Park in Carmona, Cavite. MJC has also agreed with Ayala Land, Inc. for the development of two office buildings with single-level retail development on a property of MJC in Sta. Cruz, Manila, which was formerly part of the San Lazaro racetrack.

MJC holds 100% interest in SLLP Holdings, Inc. and San Lazaro Resources and Development Corporation. On April 2007, the Company acquired 50% interest in Biohitech Philippines, Inc., a company engaged in the supply, installation and maintenance of waste treatment systems, including the marketing and distribution of the by-products generated by the systems. On 23 January 2009, the Company acquired a 50.23% interest in MJC Investments Corporation (MIC), formerly Aries Prime Resources, Inc. The acquisition was made in accordance with the provisions of the memorandum of agreement entered into by both parties in 2008, wherein the Company transfered its non-core assets to MIC under a property-for-share exchange. The Company incorporated on August 16, 2010 and holds 100% interest in MJC Forex Corporation (MFC), a company primarily engaged in the business of money changing or currency exchange and dealing and brokering in all currencies with local or foreign individuals and other entities. As of 27 April 2011, SLLPHI, SLRDC, Biohitech, and MFC have not yet started commercial operations.
Posted on November 29, 2011 10:11:34 PM

Manila Jockey Club gears up for expansion

RACETRACK OPERATOR Manila Jockey Club, Inc. plans to install betting stations in government-owned casinos starting next month.
^^Nakow, casino nanaman....usong-uso na talaga to...
Another one of my dark horses
Target is 3 when time comes.....
PD: Have none....since not sure if it can reach there yet based on the chart...not all factors on our favor Sleepy
agree with you thespeculator..
my intial TP for this is the book value of P3.00...

correct ka diyan sir Luc..
usong uso mga gambling/casino... horse racing din kasali.. hahaha..

with monthly revenues of its RW model at P4m...
ave. margin on horse betting at 36%

if they install all pagcor sites with OTBs
im thinking additional net income of around P200-300m annually...
excluding the other OTBs (nationwide/outside casinos) that MJC is planning to roll out next year...
which could double the net income to around P500m-600m... which could make a P6.00/share an easy target for MJC...
Wow all the veteran speculators are in the house. I agree with all your opinons on MJC. When the chart turns to our favor and a catalyst comes out to push this up, yun na. Smile
^^...yup RM Smile kudos to hottips, dagdagan mo pa bos mga stock na oks hehe Smile
Iba talaga kapangyarihan ni boss hottips. Tumaas na bigla.
^^Congratz mga kapatid! Hope nakabili rin kayo sa mababa... Big Grin
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