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banana dancing man

banana dancing man

banana dancing man

Big Grin

Dear Ms. Encarnacion,
This is to confirm the statement of RFM Corporation’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Felicisimo M. Nacino, Jr., that the Corporation is in talks with interested parties on RFM Corporation’s Swift meat business and it hopes to conclude a deal within the month of October, pursuant to earlier disclosures on the possible sale or joint venture of the Swift meat business of RFM Corporation.
The news article entitled “RFM sees Swift deal this month” was posted in the BusinessWorld Online on October 8, 2012. The article reported in part that:

“We’ve had talks with five firms, no foreign companies. We will likely close soon, not beyond October,” Felicisimo M. Nacino, Jr., RFM executive vice-president and chief operating officer, said in a text message last week when asked for updates on the company’s plans for its Swift meat group.

On the negotiations with Century Canning Corporation pursuant to our disclosure
dated 01 October 2012, the discussions are still ongoing and no definitive agreements have
been arrived at this point.

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Big Grinbro neil pa lechon ka ha hehe still holding mine
hype yang news na yan. tingin ko lang naman
(10-09-2012, 07:12 PM)gel Wrote: [ -> ]Big Grinbro neil pa lechon ka ha hehe still holding mine

banana banana banana

ha ha ha

OK, papalechon tyo pag sipa ni rfm!!!

Bro masarap baboy damo!

dancing man dancing man dancing man
sold all yesterday
really wanted to hold on pero may ipinakita si master rockstar, natakot ako hehe!
so i chose to be "safe" instead Smile
ingat and best of luck sa mga meron pa
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Wow! Starstruck naman ako dito. Nakatabi ko lang si Ms. facelesstrader kahit sa ganyan lang happy na ako. Wow talaga!

Cheer ko na nga lang itong RFM. Go go go!
RFM expects to close Swift deal this month
By Zinnia B. Dela Peña (The Philippine Star) Updated October 10, 2012 12:00 AMComments (0)

MANILA, Philippines - Food and beverage conglomerate RFM Corp. said yesterday it expects to complete talks for a joint venture or outright sale of its Swift meats business this month.

From the original five companies that signified interest in its meat operations, RFM is talking to just Century Canning Corp. and is hoping to close a deal within the month.

When asked to comment, Century Canning owner Ricardo Po Sr. said: “Negotiations are ongoing and no final agreement has been reached.”

Century Canning aims to beef up its meat manufacturing business with the planned purchase of the Swift meat group, which processes hotdogs, bacon, hams, corned beef, luncheon meat and sausages.

The divestment of the Swift meat group will allow RFM to focus on further building up its leading branded consumer products which include Selecta ice cream (a joint venture with multinational firm Unilever), Fiesta pasta and sauce, White King (cake mixes and flour-based products), Sunkist fruit juices and Selecta milk-based products.

RFM stressed that the Swift processed and canned meat business are assets and business owned by RFM and not Swift Foods Inc., which is no longer part of the RFM Group.

“This transaction, therefore, is not connected with SFI, which used to be the chicken company of the group but was later spun off and sold to the public,” RFM said.

click on link to see actual article



hehe may laban pa bro neil....
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