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Full Version: EMA in Amibroker
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Question lang, may idea kayo kung paano madisplay yung EMA band/indicator (EMA 20 and EMA 200) sa Amibroker? Thanks.
goto charts choose EMA (Exponential Moving Average) then drag it on the chart you want by clicking and holding the left button ,after that just input which EMA you would want in this case 20 and then do the steps all over again but with 200 EMA
Thanks a lot Silime! Will try that later. Smile
Thanks Silime... It works for me... Smile
question po about ami, na delete ko kasi ung EMA sa chart, paano ko sir ulit maibabalik yung mga nadelete kong chart?
Sa leftside panel click charts ,double click basic charts and double click price ,A chart will appear ,Repeat the step but rather than choosing basic charts ,goto averages and choose EMA ,Click and drag it to your price chart. Just input what EMA period you want to set. Smile
salamat sir, subukan ko po mamaya. Smile