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Full Version: need help in understanding some features of my online broker
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im new to trading and im using FMSBC (firstmetro)

i just need some help in reading this window:

[Image: RSIscreen.png]

RSI screen yan sa technical tab. would like to know what stocks are to be considered for further research.

then, eto pa

[Image: bsc.png]

how do i read this?
unahan ko na, try ko lang... please correct me mga master if mali (newbie pa din kasi ako) Smile

regarding sa unang "picture", cguro naman alam mo na kung anu-ano yong data sa columns 1 to 4 (no further explaination required i guess)... columns 5 to 10 yon po ang status ng RSI mo for the specific timeframe, makikita mo sa header nya kung anong timeframe yong particular column yon (i'm using firstmetro din kasi). OVERBOUGHT means RSI is more than 70, OVERSOLD means RSI is less than 30 (default setting nila). TRENDING means RSI is either trending UP or DOWN. RANGE means RSI is moving sideways. Most likely, if RSI is TRENDING, ito ata ang stocks to be considered for further research pa.

yung sa 2nd "picture" naman, yon ang information ng stock regarding sa mga gustong bibili at magbenta. 1st column ito ang bilang ng buyer, 2nd column ito naman ang total kung ilan ang bibilhin nila, 3rd column ang price na gusto nilang bilhin ang stock, 4th column price ng seller, 5th column bilang kung ilan ang ibebenta nila at ang 6th column bilang kung ilan ang seller.

Hope this helps. winking