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Full Version: Q> on Stochastics of COL
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I have been learning Stochastics now and have tried using the COL charting tool (the most easily accessible for me).

To my despair, I can't simulate or workback the charts using Excel. As I have come to guess, it has something to do with the "settings" of the said indicator, courtesy of the 3 numbers beside the Indicator dropdown. Is this really the case, or is there some other thing that I could have missed?

Replies are most welcome. TIA!
Boss Andante, di ko makuha ano ba gusto mong gawin sa chart ng COL into excel Huh
Sir, kinukuha ko lang po ung formula ng Stochastics n ginamit ni COL. W/c at this point in time i had already done. Tho di ko makuha ung kay CAL kasi maxado pa ata konti ung data points. Y_Y but using MPI, nakuha ko na xa w/ almost no margin for error.

Anyway, my problem now is the RSI. It seems COL uses the EMA of gains and losses. w/c i have no idea how to compute. I have sought aid of various sites but to no avail. hays..