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Why Donate to SMP?

Thank YouDonations to StockMarketPILIPINAS for the purpose of server and site upgrades and maintenance, which also includes the chat, run only once a year during the whole month of May which is also SMP's Birthday Month. Now, because there are some members who like to share in some SMP obligations but requests that they contribute only whenever they feel like making contributions (maarte), Admin has decided to make this donation page open. Let it be emphasized here though that any member making a donation to SMP does so out of their love and support for the site and that donors for the site really should not be expecting anything in return from their donations except for the Admin to work hard and exert more effort to make SMP better and better for the benefit of all its members. Donors will not get any special treatment (except probably for their inclusion for a limited time for a complimentary subscription to the SMP Journal) and non-donors will not get prejudiced. This being clear, you may now proceed with your donation. Just click on the button logo "I SUPPORT SMP" below and complete the donation process. But be sure to label your donation as either for the site or for charity by putting it in a note while you are in the process of making your donation. Upon completion, take a deep breath, as you have been robbed :smiles: No, that was only a joke, old members know better that Admin has always worked for the improvement of the SMP site.

School SuppliesLike what has been mentioned earlier, aside from site donations, this vehicle can and will also be used for charity donations. Though previously, donations ran only thru banks, this new system of online donation is much more convenient for the donor. But should the donor opt for the old bank method, just PM Admin for instructions.

As for the item donations of notebooks, pencils, crayolas, pad papers and other school materials including Tsinelas, hand-me-down Shoes and other used child clothing and school uniforms, these can be brought to a drop-off point the location of which will be PMed to you by an Admin. You can ask also, thru PM, a forwarding address where school item related donations can be sent via courier or thru the old reliable postal system. For Non-SMP Members wishing to take part in this kind of a drive, please do register to become SMP Members so you can inquire details to be able to send in your item donations to the SMP Charity Drive. The SMP Charity is a year-long campaign and donations for it are accepted at anytime of the year but most especially during the months of March, April and May in preparation for the June opening of schools.

Support the SMP site and support the SMP Charity Projects as well.

Thank You for your contributions and donations and May God Bless You all.

A gallery of past Charity Events can be viewed here.

Yours Truly,

Admin Ollie