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RE: PCKH - Pancake House, Inc. - aiu1225 - 03-26-2012

Posted on March 25, 2012 09:06:58 PM

Listed Pancake House readies new high-end dining brand

RESTAURANT OPERATOR Pancake House, Inc. plans to introduce yet another brand to its dining portfolio to again take advantage of the high-end market.

RE: PCKH - Pancake House, Inc. - Shoegazer - 07-02-2012

New acquisition, stores seen to boost Pancake House profit
SUNDAY, 01 JULY 2012 17:55

PANCAKE House Inc., a listed operator of casual dining restaurants, said profits are forecast to grow 70 percent in 2012 due to the first full-year contribution of last year’s Yellow Cab acquisition and the rollout of new stores across its brands.

Following the company’s annual stockholders’ meeting on Friday, Pancake House chairman and chief executive officer Martin Lorenzo told reporters that the firm behind the namesake Pancake House chain as well as Teriyaki Boy, Le Coeur de France and Sizzlin’ Pepper Steak will hit more than 300 stores this year. It had 258 restaurants in 2011.

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Lorenzo said the company plans to ramp up expansion efforts overseas, mainly in Southeast Asia, southern China and the Middle East, similar to a strategy successfully implemented by Jollibee Foods Corp., the country’s biggest restaurant operator.

He said the company will open 300 new locations overseas in five years, mainly using the Pancake House and Yellow Cab pizza brands, either through joint-ventures deals or franchising.

“We computed that conservatively in five to seven years, half our stores will be outside the Philippines,” Lorenzo said. He said the company is now focused on Qatar and Kuwait. In Asia, it is expanding in Malaysia while seeking partners in Indonesia and franchise operators in the Southern part of China.

Despite expansion efforts abroad, Lorenzo sees no slowdown in its Philippine growth strategy.

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Talks, meanwhile, continue for a private equity shareholder of Pancake House to unload its 21-percent stake, Aureos Capital’s Danny Lizares said last week.

Lorenzo, who controls over 60 percent of the company, said he may be willing to sell a 4-percent stake to add to Aureos’ 21 percent to accommodate a strategic partner.

RE: PCKH - Pancake House, Inc. - Shoegazer - 07-02-2012

Clarification of news article: "New acquisition, stores seen to boost Pancake House profit"

RE: PCKH - Pancake House, Inc. - RamblingMan - 08-28-2012

Pancake House H1 earnings hit P49.9M

By Zinnia B. Dela Peña (The Philippine Star) Updated August 19, 2012 12:00 AM

MANILA, Philippines - Lorenzo-led Pancake House Inc. more than doubled its first semester earnings to P49.9 million on stronger margins due to the hefty contribution of its New York-style pizza chain Yellow Cab as well as from the continued expansion of its flagship brand Pancake House.

Consolidated revenues in the first six months of the year surged 86 percent to P1.67 billion, mainly driven by new store development and same store sales growth. Total system-wide sales (total sales to customers both from company-owned and franchised stores) increased 77.19 percent to P2.02 billion.

Store sales grew 110.8 percent to P1.4 billion while commissary sales rose 10.9 percent to P210.58 million. Franchise income likewise went up to P60.06 million from P46.08 million due to increased number of franchisees and sustainable growth in same store sakes of franchisees.

Consolidated earnings before interest taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) amounted to P198 million, up 80 percent year on year. EBITDA measures the company’s ability to earn from operations.

Total costs and expenses, however, jumped 99.8 percent to P1.6 billion because of higher occupancy costs such as utilities, rent, and electricity, among others. The increase was also due to expanded central office operations.

The group had a total of 268 stores across the country as of June 30 this year, broken down as follows: Pancake House 96, Yellow Cab 89, Dencios 15, Teriyaki boy 33, Sizzlin Pepper Steak 18, Le Coeur de France 13, and The Chicken Rice Shop 4.

In the same period in 2011, the group had only 178 stores.

The group expects to end the year with around 300 stores as it expands its presence in the so-called New Wave Cities such as Cebu, Davao, Laoag and Subic.

Pancake House expects its net earnings to grow 70 percent this year from P90.16 million in 2011 largely due to the full-year contribution of Yellow Cab. Its EBITDA is likewise seen to rise to a range of P330 million to P570 million.

To ensure continued growth, the group is embarking on an aggressive expansion campaign overseas with plans to build 300 stores in five to seven years. It wants to further widen its presence in the Middle East as well as enter new markets like Indonesia and China.


RE: PCKH - Pancake House, Inc. - Shoegazer - 08-28-2012

Trivia: What is the difference between a hotcake and a pancake?

RE: PCKH - Pancake House, Inc. - Ninjatrader919 - 08-29-2012

My Ninjareview for PCKH

No need to review. Inspite of praise release, negative change of 5.38%. Did only 9 trades as of 2:45 P.M.

Party does not appeal to me. Very, very few participants. If I join, I might end up footing the bill after everyone leaves.

RE: PCKH - Pancake House, Inc. - Shoegazer - 08-30-2012

Bro Ninjatrader919, is your analysis for short term trading only? What if for instance I buy it for the long haul, say 1 or 2 years, would it be some kind of disaster waiting to happen? Please enlighten me bro. I have a gut feel on PCKH. Strange but true. Or maybe I just like pancakes so much since pancakes/hotcakes are staple food up north. I don't have an iota of perspicacity if this is how a contrarian acts or thinks but I'm toying with the idea of buying a few board lots every month until next year.

Thanks in advance.

RE: PCKH - Pancake House, Inc. - Ninjatrader919 - 08-30-2012

Bro Shoe,

Please see my PM to you.

RE: PCKH - Pancake House, Inc. - Shoegazer - 08-30-2012

Thank you so much bro Ninjatrader919. I appreciate it. God bless!

RE: PCKH - Pancake House, Inc. - RamblingMan - 08-30-2012

PCKH is displaying very interesting price action as of late. While the price may be depreciating as of this writing, the selling of UOB KAY could provide the much needed volume and price action that will bring this "hotel california" stock back to the mainstream. As my mentor would say, it takes two to tango in the stock market: sellers are just as important as buyers. Another thing I find interest in is that the bid and asks are slowly closing the gap.

PD: PCKH added to watchlist.