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RE: MAXS - Max's Group Inc. - niceNslow - 11-07-2016

Max’s income rises 3% in 9 months ended Sept.

Posted on November 05, 2016

MAX’S Group Inc. boosted profit by 3% in the nine months to September, the casual dining operator told the stock exchange on Friday.

The company recorded a net income of P380.56 million in the nine months to September. It made P368.86 million during the same period last year.

“The third quarter is normally our lean period owing to the wet climate and other cyclical factors. Nonetheless, the historical slowdown should reverse ushering into the Christmas season,” said Robert F. Trota, Max’s president and chief executive officer.

Systemwide sales rose by 12% to P11.09 billion during the nine-month period from P9.87 billion a year ago, the company said. The topline figure was up by 11% to P8.09 billion from P7.30 billion while restaurant sales climbed 8% to P6.72 billion from P6.20 billion “driven by 22 new stores opened from July to September and steady same store sales performance.”

Max’s has “plans to shift into quicker formats for certain brands to benefit from higher volume turnover and lower fixed overhead,” the company said. It has rolled out 55 new stores including 11 international branches, bringing its overall count to 611 stores with 44 abroad.

During the period, commissary sales increased 19% to P971.03 million from P813.59 million while revenues from franchise, royalty and continuing license fees surged 39% to P399.87 million versus P287.05 million. Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) reached P889.47 million.

Peter H. King, Max’s chief executive officer for international operations, said the company’s focus had moved from securing territories to “store building activities to boost our recurring income base.”

“In the same way, we remain in pursuit of leads into other markets,” he said.

On capital expenditure, Max’s said it had “mapped key growth strategies to ensure effective deployment of assets into value-accretive ventures.”

“We encountered higher commodity prices aligned with inflationary movement. While mitigating measures are in place, we constantly improve our capabilities and menu mix to manage rising input materials,” Mr. Trota said.

“For the remaining months of 2016, we expect the prevailing economic environment to sustain its positive trend. We will open another 20-30 stores to close the year, putting ourselves in a strong position to meet Yuletide demand,” he added.

The company’s brands include Max’s Restaurant, Pancake House, Yellow Cab Pizza, Krispy Kreme, Jamba Juice, Max’s Corner Bakery, Teriyaki Boy, Dencio’s, Meranti, Sizzlin’ Steak, Maple, Kabisera, Le Coeur De France and Singkit.

Shares in Max’s rose by 1.5% to P27 each on Friday from P26.60 the day before. -- Victor V. Saulon

RE: MAXS - Max's Group Inc. - VincentTegio - 11-08-2016

Yellow Cab expands in Middle East
By Iris Gonzales (The Philippine Star) | Updated November 8, 2016 - 12:00am
MANILA, Philippines - Max’s Group Inc. (MGI) wants a bigger slice of the Middle Eastern pizza segment.

Laying the groundwork for an aggressive expansion plan in the Middle East, MGI signed an agreement with the Silver Group to establish at least 22 Yellow Cab Pizza stores in Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman within five years beginning January 2017.

MGI president and CEO Robert Trota said the agreement would beef up the company’s international network.

“We are pleased with the opportunity to further expand our presence in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region. Our international business has been scaling up quite aggressively with Yellow Cab Pizza emerging as the most coveted brand. We are optimistic in sustaining this pace as we possess the necessary structure and support systems to fuel overseas growth through franchising,” Trota said.

The latest development agreement marks MGI’s seventh overseas franchise contract, which has translated to a total international pipeline of 153 outlets slated to open in the coming years.

The Silver Group pioneered Yellow Cab’s pizza offerings in the region, Trota said.

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“We appreciate their continued trust and for sharing our vision of Yellow Cab Pizza as a global mainstream brand. Together, we are confident of replicating our earlier success in Qatar into surrounding nations.”

For his part, Silver Group CEO Abdulrahman Al-Kaabi said they greatly value their partnership with MGI and believe in the brand potential in the Middle East after the successful results in Qatar.

Yellow Cab Pizza currently operates a network of 145 branches including seven franchised outlets located in Qatar, one in United Arab Emirates and two in China.

Plans are underway to open flagship stores in Singapore, Hawaii, Jordan and Egypt.

MGI, which started with the Max’s Restaurant in 1945, is now the largest operator in the Philippine casual dining segment with the following brands: Pancake House, Yellow Cab Pizza, Krispy Kreme, Jamba Juice, Max’s Corner Bakery, Teriyaki Boy, Dencio’s,Meranti, Sizzlin’ Steak, Maple, Kabisera, Le Coeur de France and Singkit.

RE: MAXS - Max's Group Inc. - Ollie - 05-08-2017! nadurog pala ito? lakas pa naman namin kumain dito sa Maxs Big Grin baka malapit na mahinog ito

Delivery service to drive Max’s growth higher

MAX’S Group, Inc. (MGI) is banking on its new integrated delivery system to help drive growth this year, as it continues with its aggressive expansion program that will see the company hit 1,000 stores by 2020.
“The growth for us on the delivery has been at a phenomenal rate, we’re looking at a 20% to 30% growth,” MGI President and Chief Executive Officer Robert F. Trota told reporters after the annual stockholders’ meeting in Quezon City on Monday.

MGI posted a 24% increase in delivery sales to P1.08 billion in 2016, which represent 9% of the company’s total revenues of P11.52 billion. This helped push the company’s net income 12% higher to P561.7 million last year.

The company now has a unified delivery system for all of its brands, including Max’s Restaurant, Yellow Cab Pizza, Pancake House, Krispy Kreme, and Teriyaki Boy. The MGI Corporate Communications Center has at least 150 agents who handle hot line and online delivery orders across the group’s brands.

“The app and online is a growing segment, so I don’t need seats anymore for me to grow the business with the same projection. We’re very happy, very excited. I just need to commit to the delivery, to get it on time, the right product at the right time and at the right temperature,” Mr. Trota said.

MGI also set up a multi-brand logistics team with 60 new delivery bikes and riders, on top of around 500 existing units.

“This means that this rider will deliver for Yellow Cab, for Max’s, for Pancake, or Teriyaki. This will help us maximize our resources,” Mr. Trota said.

This year, MGI seeks to roll out 60 to 70 new stores across different brands locally and abroad. It has allotted between P600 million and P700 million to fund the store expansion.

Mr. Trota said this keeps the company on track to meet its goal of having 1,000 stores, include 200 abroad, by 2020.

“We continue to be positive in terms of the economic situation of the Philippines... The initial plan is as many as 60 to 70 new stores because we feel there’s enough room for us to expand in this country,” MGI Chief Finance Officer Dave T. Fuentebella said.

Mr. Fuentebella said the company will focus on expanding the Yellow Cab business, as pizza is a mainstream menu.

“But it doesn’t mean that Max’s, Pancake House will not expand. It really depends on the location and the area,” Mr. Fuentebella said.

So far this year. MGI has already sealed deals to open Yellow Cab stores in Brunei, East Malaysia and Vietnam.

In March, MGI inked a development agreement with YTT Sdn Bhd to open at least 10 Yellow Cab outlets in Brunei and East Malaysia within the next five years. In February, MGI said it signed a similar deal with Blue Star Food Corp. to establish at least 12 Yellow Cab stores in Vietnam within a five-year period.

Mr. Trota said the company continues to work on deals to set up franchise outlets of its brands abroad.

Asked if they plan to enter new territories, Mr. Trota said they hope to enter the European market “soon.”

“The clamor for Europe is there, hopefully we can get there pretty soon. We need to focus on the current territories that we are in, for us not to saturate the resources that we have,” the MGI executive said.

Mr. Trota added that once they enter the market, they would need to put up more than one outlet.

“Once you’re in a territory like that, you have to open several stores, because for you to service it, it doesn’t make sense to just open one outlet in the area.”

MGI opened 77 new stores, including 16 abroad, to close 2016 with a total of 623 outlets globally.


RE: MAXS - Max's Group Inc. - Ollie - 05-10-2017

...+8% earnings growth for the 1st Qtr, ok na yan Smile

Higher systemwide sales lift Max’s Q1 net income

MAX’S Group, Inc. (MGI) on Tuesday said earnings grew by 8% in the first three months of the year, as an increase in systemwide sales offset higher input prices and distribution expenses.
In a statement, MGI said it booked a net income of P175.98 million in the January to March period, from P162.32 million during the same period in 2016, on the back of a 10% rise in systemwide sales to P3.93 billion. Revenues, meanwhile, grew 9% to P2.91 billion.

“We are off to a relatively solid start for the year notwithstanding the challenging commodity pricing situation. While we expect to encounter some more of these headwinds, we will continue to push forward with our strategies,” MGI President and Chief Executive Officer Robert F. Trota said in a statement.

The company benefited from its aggressive expansion plan as restaurant sales grew 4% to P2.42 billion. MGI opened 18 new stores in the first quarter with three abroad, namely the Yellow Cab Pizza in Qatar and Hawaii and Max’s Restaurant in San Diego, California.

Revenues from new franchises, royalty and continuing license fees increased by 34% to P180.12 million, due to a larger recurring income base, while commissary sales was up by 40% to P311.44 million with the addition of more franchised outlets.

MGI ended the quarter with a total of 632 outlets, 51 of which are located abroad. This year, the company will be spending P600 million to P700 million to roll out 60 to 70 new stores to hit its target of 1000 new stores by 2020.

The firm has already secured a development agreement overseas for the establishment of 10 Yellow Cab Pizza stores in Brunei and five Yellow Cab Pizza stores in East Malaysia over the next five years.

“Our objective is to bulk up and at the same time operationalize our existing pipeline,” stated Mr. Peter H. King, Max’s Group International Chief Executive Officer was quoted as saying in a statement.


RE: MAXS - Max's Group Inc. - Ollie - 05-10-2017

...nice nice Tongue

Max’s eyes expansion to Europe

MANILA, Philippines - Max’s Group Inc. (MGI) plans to continue strengthening its international presence and may even make its foray in Europe, its top official said.

MGI president and CEO Robert Trota told reporters following the company’s annual stockholders meeting yesterday that they remain on the lookout for opportunities overseas.

“There’s continued interest. The international market alone is making waves and gaining ground as we expand. Our reputation and promises have been delivered so that is why we are getting inquiries,” Trota said.

At present, the company is already in the Middle East, North America and Asia.

Trota said these areas have room for expansion and the company may finally make its debut in Europe.

“We are in China, Singapore, Vietnam so that particular area has room for expansion…Europe is still under penetrated but the clamour for Europe is there so hopefully, we can get there pretty soon,” Trota said.
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Among the company’s brands include Max’s, Pancake House, Yellow Cab and Teriyaki Boy.

Last year, the company reported a net income of P561.74 million, up 12 percent.

Trota said the growth from delivery has been growing double digit and is likely to continue growing, possibly at 20 to 30 percent growth.

Sales rose 12 percent to P15.34 billion, bringing topline up 10 percent to P11.44 billion.

Restaurant sales increased 10 percent to P9.42 billion as the company opened 77 new stores.

Sales from online and delivery came in 24 percent higher at P1.08 billion while commissary sales stood relatively flat at P1.26 billion owing to closures of certain franchised outlets.

Of the 77 new stores that opened last year, 16 are located overseas. This brought the group’s total network count to 623 branches with 49 situated abroad.

The company is on track to increase its outlets to 1,000 outlets by 2020.

Offshore, MGI intends to put up over 140 stores in the coming years.

Last year, it was able to secure eight development agreements for at least 80 stores across various geographies. Among the notable markets penetrated for 2016 include China and Singapore.

MGI is pouring in P750 million to P800 million for capital expenditures this year, largely for the rollout of another 60 to 70 new stores for its core brands.


RE: MAXS - Max's Group Inc. - generjohann - 05-19-2017

baka isa lang ito mga unang mabibiktima ng sell in may.maganda naman ang program ng expansion according to a reliable source.pessimist lang siguro mga foreign may hawak nito sa expansion plan.ipon na lang ng boardlot paunti unti.

RE: MAXS - Max's Group Inc. - DUCK DODGERS - 07-07-2017

I hope I will buy this at a favorable proce ... \m/

RE: MAXS - Max's Group Inc. - rchlmjxbnfxo - 07-11-2017

Exciting Ang MAXS! Smile Thanks for the updates!

RE: MAXS - Max's Group Inc. - Ollie - 09-28-2017

...where there are Pinoys, their home brands's a very successful template actually

Max’s to open first branch in Washington state by next year

MAX’S Group, Inc. (MGI) is ramping up its overseas expansion with the signing of its sixth development agreement for 2017, which will see the opening of the first Max’s Restaurant in Washington state by next year.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, MGI said it has inked a deal with JS Restaurant LLC to open a Max’s Restaurant in Tukwila, a suburb south of Seattle in Washington.

“We are witnessing the fastest rate of expansion in North America. For this year alone, we opened three new Max’s Restaurants across New Jersey, Calgary, and San Diego. Moreover, we have another two stores in the pipeline for 2018 to be located in Winnipeg and Tukwila,” MGI Chief Executive Officer for International operations Peter H. King said in a statement.

MGI last week signed a deal with Canada’s Alibin Group, Inc. for the establishment of the first Max’s Restaurant in Winnipeg, Canada. This adds to the 27 Max’s franchised outlets abroad.

Established in 2012, JS Restaurant LLC is a private firm in Washington that offers medical services. MGI noted that owners of the company, who have been residing in Tukwila for two decades now, have established connections and alliances in the area that will help grow the branch.

“We are thankful to have been entrusted with a well-loved Filipino brand. We are determined to extend the Max’s Restaurant tradition of excellence in food quality and heartwarming service to our customers in Tukwila,” JS Restaurant Managing Director Joselito Santos said in a statement.

With its sizeable Filipino community, Tukwila already has branches of Jollibee and Chowking, as well as Seafood City, a supermarket selling Filipino and Asian products.

For his part, MGI President and Chief Executive Officer Robert F. Trota said the partnership gives them another chance to share the Max’s brand to Filipinos residing in the area.

“This is another exciting moment for us to provide our countrymen based in the United States a genuine taste of home. We are grateful to be in partnership with JS Restaurant LLC to serve our best-in-class products to the community of Tukwila,” Mr. Trota said.

Earlier this year, MGI said it has allotted P600 million to P700 million to roll out 60 to 70 new stores for 2017, in an effort to hit the 1000-store mark by 2020.

MGI recorded a 12% increase in its attributable profit for the first half of 2017 to P329 million, as store expansions pushed revenues 11% higher to P6.05 billion during the period.


RE: Max's Group Inc. - Ollie - 11-21-2017

...invest lang MAXS Tongue

Max’s launches new store concept in UAE, Qatar

MAX’S GROUP, Inc. (MGI) is launching a new quick service restaurant (QSR) concept featuring international chicken flavors in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Qatar, as it aims to appeal to a wider customer base.

In a statement, the listed casual dining restaurant operator said it signed a development deal with Landmark Food Limited (Foodmark) to open 13 Max’s All About Chicken in the two Middle Eastern countries in the next five years.

MGI and Foodmark currently operate eight Max’s Restaurants in the UAE, Qatar and Kuwait. Foodmark is the food and beverage division of Landmark Group, described as one of the biggest retailer in the Middle East and North Africa region.

MGI said they decided to pursue the expansion of Max’s All About Chicken after a trial run for the concept store at Deira City Center in Dubai proved to be successful.

Max’s All About Chicken’s menu will feature chicken flavors such as lemongrass, Tandoori, barbeque, ranch, as well as Max’s iconic fried chicken. It is designed to be operated in food courts.

MGI said it will open the first full store for Max’s All About Chicken at Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai.

“This concept puts a spotlight on favorite chicken dishes the world over… MGI has always been about building loved brands, and with this new concept, we will be able to offer a variety of fresh and tasty chicken dishes to our guests at an affordable price and in a fast, easy, and convenient location,” MGI President and CEO Robert F. Trota was quoted as saying in a statement.

MGI’s deal with Foodmark is the company’s sixth development agreement signed this year.

The company has been aggressive in expanding overseas, as it targets to have 200 international stores by 2020.

In September, MGI inked a development agreement with Alibin to open a Max’s Restaurant in the capital of the Canadian province of Manitoba by 2018. It also partnered with Kasamar Holdings to develop five stores under its Sizzlin’ Steak brand in the UAE.

For the first nine months of the year, MGI’s attributable profit increased 8% to P419 million, on the back of an 11% rise in revenues to P9.04 billion.