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RE: RFM Corporation - RamblingMan - 08-08-2012

Naguunahan na yung mga kolokoy na nakarinig sa tsismis. Basta ako ready with parachute anytime. Automatic sell pag pumasok na frenchie.

RE: RFM Corporation - RamblingMan - 08-09-2012

Insiders cleaning the board. 'Nuf said.

RE: RFM Corporation - thespeculator - 08-09-2012

Nice matchup today

PCCI(Triple 8 Holdings)/SB Sec(new entrant since 3) vs Citisecurities/David Go/Strateq(buyers since 1.2 levels)

RE: RFM Corporation - moneyp - 08-09-2012

yup, rambling man, that is a very good sign.

RE: RFM Corporation - korrection - 08-11-2012

Share ko lang chart/analysis ko:
Please disregard Technical Targets.
Medyo hyping eh. Psychological Targets yan.
Need to Reach 4.5 muna.

[Image: RFM.png]

RE: RFM Corporation - thespeculator - 08-12-2012

[Image: rfm081212.png]

dancing man

RE: RFM Corporation - Radavel - 08-12-2012

i am noticing a pattern dito sa RFM. i wonder if my theory is correct.

RE: RFM Corporation - abundance boy - 08-18-2012


SEC clears RFM's property dividend
By: Krista Angela M. Montealegre,
August 17, 2012 5:07 PM

MANILA - RFM Corp. secured the approval of the Securities and Exchange Commission for the issuance of property dividends consisting of common shares of Philtown Properties Inc.

In a disclosure to the Philippine Stock Exchange, the food and beverage company said the SEC approved the property dividend declaration consisting of 41.04 million Philtown common shares at P3.4937 apiece.

"It will be noted that the number of shares declared was reduced from 41,431,346 shares to 41,042,080 shares after deducting the fractional shares which will remain with the Corporation," said RFM.

Stockholders will receive one share of Philtown for every 77 shares held as of July 11. The shares will be issued on September 7.

"Please note that the Issue Date had to be held in abeyance pending our receipt of the SEC Certificate of Filing of Notice of Property Dividend Declaration, a copy of which was received only on 13 August 2012," the company said,

RFM owns 19 percent of Philtown after 66 percent of the outstanding shares were declared as property dividends in 2008 and 15 percent in 2009.

RE: RFM Corporation - migraine boy - 09-17-2012

Saw these 2 in the other forum. Eto ba yun rumor with JV with significant investor posted last August 11 by sir Korrection?

PT Indofood explores joint venture with RFM
By Mary Ann Ll. Reyes (The Philippine Star) Updated September 14, 2012 12:00 AMComments (0)

MANILA, Philippines - PT Indofood, a unit of Hong Kong-based First Pacific Co. Ltd. has expressed interest in entering into a joint venture arrangement with one of the subsidiaries of local company RFM Corp.

While there had been rumors that Manuel V. Pangilinan, chief executive officer and managing director of First Pacific, has offered to acquire RFM, highly placed sources told The STAR that the offer was not for RFM “but for a possible joint venture in one of the RFM subsidiaries.”

“But this is still very far,” the source revealed.

Indofood is one of the world’s biggest instant noodle makers by volume and one of the largest plantation firms by area. It is also the largest flour miller in Indonesia, with its flourmill in Jakarta the biggest in the world in terms of production capacity in one location.

click on link to see full article

Confirmation of News Article entitled “PT Indofood explores joint venture with RFM”


RFM confirms that PT Indofood has expressed interest to invest in one of its
groups, although it is still very exploratory and no further talks nor agreement have
taken place whatsoever. RFM, however, denies that it is for sale nor are there offers to
buy it.

click on link to see actual disclosure

RE: RFM Corporation - yahbets - 09-17-2012

kelan kaya natin makukuha yung philtown shares natin?