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RE: RFM Corporation - gnod21 - 03-01-2016

bale sa disclosure eh nagsimula nun feb24 then sinundan nun feb29

kung ang budget nila for buy-back eh Php300,000,000.00
then nakabili sila nun
Feb 24 = Php25,197,010.00
Feb 29 = Php81,975,908.00
Balance = 192,827,082.00 (eto pa ang pambili nila)



RE: RFM Corporation - zoktok - 03-01-2016

Mas maganda siguro kung after ng ex-date sila nagsimula ng buyback.

Maganda closing candle niya, very bullish as it was able to break the 100 sma. Kulang lang ng volume. At base sa buy/sell sa COL, mas madami sellers kaysa buyers.

RE: RFM Corporation - Ollie - 04-14-2016

...consumer company, will benefit in the elections Smile

RFM’s Q1 nets P216M

FOOD and beverage firm RFM Corp. grew its first quarter net profit by 20 percent year-on-year to P216 million, led by the double-digit expansion in its consumer food segment particularly the ice cream and pasta businesses.

In a disclosure to the Philippine Stock Exchange on Tuesday, RFM reported that sales revenues in the first three months rose by 2 percent year-on-year to P2.6 billion.

RFM president and chief executive officer Jose Concepcion III said sales continued to post a growth of 16 percent for its consumer group which included ice cream and pasta units.

The ice cream joint venture with Unilever, Selecta ice cream, accelerated growth which RFM attributed to “new product innovations, excellent value propositions, and effective marketing campaigns.” RFM added that the ice cream business expanded with its wider distribution reach and increased consumption frequency.

“Moreover, the continued growth in the pasta group further improved its economies of scale, as warehousing and logistics operations get rationalized. These factors coupled with better input costs significantly improved the group’s profitability”, Concepcion said.

With stronger consumption spending seen this year with more robust purchasing power and being an election year, and the outlook on more favorable commodity input costs, this year promises to be a better year, Concepcion added.


RE: RFM Corporation - brix99 - 07-23-2016

mukhang ready for take off na ito

RE: RFM Corporation - marfsalv - 08-02-2016

RFM stock review: An unseen opportunity or a pitfall?


RE: RFM Corporation - jmf - 10-03-2016

Enter at your own risk.
[Image: rfm.jpg?w=736]

RE: RFM Corporation - jaydee - 10-09-2016

(03-01-2016, 01:18 PM)gnod21 Wrote: bale sa disclosure eh nagsimula nun feb24 then sinundan nun feb29

kung ang budget nila for buy-back eh Php300,000,000.00
then nakabili sila nun
Feb 24 = Php25,197,010.00
Feb 29 = Php81,975,908.00
Balance = 192,827,082.00 (eto pa ang pambili nila)



I assume...tapos na yung accumulation phase nila, start na ng participation phase. Ingat!!!

RE: RFM Corporation - jmf - 11-24-2016

[Image: rfmweekly.jpg?w=736]

RE: RFM Corporation - Ollie - 05-08-2017

...mahina Tongue

RFM 1st quarter earnings slip amid sluggish sales

EARNINGS of RFM Corp. dipped by 8% in the first quarter, as weaker sales and higher prices of raw materials weighed on the bottom line.

In a quarterly report filed with the stock exchange on Monday, the Concepcion-led food and beverage firm said its net income fell by 8% to P198.1 million during the January to March period, from P216 million recorded during the same period a year ago.

The lower profit was attributed to a 3% decline in sales to P2.55 billion in the three-month period, from P2.63 billion a year ago.

“Added to this, raw material prices in early 2017 have increased from their 2016 levels and affected both milk and ice cream margins,” RFM said.

The company’s Selecta ice cream brands registered an 11% increase in the first quarter, driven by its “intensive marketing campaign” to increase visibility of the brand around the country.

RFM said its Fiesta and Royal pasta brands saw sluggish sales in the first quarter, “affected by the observed large trade inventories that reduced new sales.”

Sales of Selecta Milk and White King mixes also jumped 8% and 6%, respectively.

However, RFM said the discontinuation of an agreement with Dole Philippines weighed on its overall performance. The fruit grower and manufacturer last year ended its contract with RFM to distribute Dole’s package and processed foods products.

“The positive impact of the savings from the lower cost of central warehouse will be felt in the second quarter of the year. Initiatives to improve efficiency selling and marketing budgets are ongoing, and are expected to enhance income for the coming months,” the company said.


RE: RFM Corporation - Ollie - 10-16-2017

...hindi na mabango mga Conception Tongue

Ice cream and pasta maker RFM boosts Q3 profit by 20%

RFM Corp. posted a net income of P211 million in the third quarter, higher by 20% compared with the level in the same period last year, it said on Friday, pointing to ice cream sales as propelling growth.

In a disclosure to the stock exchange, it also said revenues reached P3.16 billion, up 7% over the previous year.

RFM President and Chief Executive Officer Jose A. Concepcion III said sales of Selecta ice cream drove the company’s strong third-quarter showing as the country had a “relatively less-than-usual wet weather” during the period.

RFM’s ice cream joint venture with Unilever Philippines Ltd. sells ice cream under the Selecta, Cornetto and Magnum, among other brands.

In contrast, RFM described as “flat” revenues from its Royal and Fiesta pasta brands as well as from Selecta Milk and Sunkist juices. But it said expectations are for “growth to pick up in the fourth quarter” when the holiday selling season begins.

It said the increase in revenues of the company’s private label bread unit was sustained, helping offset the weaker performance of other institutional revenue sources, including flour.

The company said overall, the strong net income for the quarter places RFM “on track” to beat its 2016 net income of P1 billion.

Mr. Concepcion said RFM’s total cash dividends for 2017 has amounted to P500 million or P0.14 per share. The company recently declared a second cash dividend of P200 million or P0.057 per share for shareholders as of the Oct. 11, 2017 record date.

He said the latest dividend payout completes the company’s 50% cash dividend on recurring net income after it declared and paid P300 million early this year.

He also said that apart from the 50% dividend payout and current share buyback program, RFM is continuing to ensure its growth momentum with the planned P1-billion capital expenditure program for the ice cream joint venture “that would ensure adequate production capacity over the long term.”

“There is also a P250 million capex for RFM’s flour unit over two years to upgrade the flour mills and ensure competitiveness of the flour brands,” he added.