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RE: RFM - RFM Corporation - kuyakot - 07-04-2011

^ meron ka?

RE: RFM - RFM Corporation - ginhawaibibigay - 07-04-2011

alm mo kung anong meron ako Big Grin
binigay ko lang gudprice dito to buy

RE: RFM - RFM Corporation - aiu1225 - 07-04-2011

^boss GI, welcome to SMP hehe Big Grin

RE: RFM - RFM Corporation - vester - 07-04-2011

off topic ako. .delete ko lng..

RE: RFM - RFM Corporation - ginhawaibibigay - 07-04-2011

(07-04-2011, 04:26 PM)aiu1225 Wrote: ^boss GI, welcome to SMP hehe Big Grin
oo brader kc andto ung mga idol ko e.. ollie and aiu.
kaya dto ako manggugulo hehehehe.
Big Grin

RE: RFM - RFM Corporation - aiz - 07-04-2011

(07-04-2011, 03:13 PM)BORDzTRADAMUS Wrote: TWIN SIS... showing signs of possible reversal...Goldie gobbled up remaining shares at 1.2 and momentarily left 100k shares unserved, but almost 50 seconds left at run off, 1.20 is refilled by 500k shares and another 500k 10seconds to go that posed a 800k shares still available... NEED to take out 1.22 by tomorrow and we will be met another resistance at 1.35..Heart

this is good news, sir bordz. went in today Smile Best of luck to us tomorrow

News - Ruach - 07-05-2011

RFM eyes billion-peso revenue in five years

RFM Corp. expects to become a billion-peso company in the next five years, anchored on its market-leading ice cream and spaghetti pasta flour-based products.

Felicisimo Nacino Jr., RFM chief operating officer, said the company would keep this five-year target despite current headwinds brought about by rising prices of raw materials and weak consumer spending.

“We are keeping that from a long-term viewpoint, but the jump year-on-year, we will have to adjust it because as you can see 2011 is not turning out so well,” Nacino said.

The food and beverage company had warned it might miss its profit guidance of 20-percent growth this year despite another looming price hike in the second half. The firm had raised prices by 2 percent to 3 percent in February, but first-quarter earnings still fell 27 percent to P100 million.

Long-term growth will be driven by its ice cream products and flour-based businesses, which remain dominant market players. Selecta Ice Cream, a joint venture with world giant Unilever, held a 66-percent market share, while the flour-based business led by Fiesta Spaghetti
improved its market position to 29 percent at end-March.

Efforts in the previous year to improve cost structures and operating efficiencies may be beneficial for the company in absorbing the cost shocks.

“We are anticipating the need to focus on cost not just on the standpoint of price increases,” said Jose Concepcion 3rd, RFM president and chief executive.

“With the strength of the whole organization from our selling cost, manufacturing cost [and] operation cost, the challenge is how to achieve a similar number to what we achieved last year,” Concepcion added.

Should the company’s profit hit P1 billion by 2015, this would mark a 60-percent increase from its P625.70-million income last year.

The 2010 performance was significantly better than its original full-year target of P480 million and just well within its earnings guidance of P700 million, its goal for 2012.

RFM shares rose from P1.14 on Friday to P1.20 each on Monday.

Krista Angela M. Montealegre

Corporate Disclosure - Ruach - 07-05-2011

Please be advised that we are confirming the news article posted in The today, July 5, 2011.

RE: RFM - RFM Corporation - Ruach - 07-07-2011

Ooppsss...tumataas kahit red ang market...hmm...interesting...ayaw na bumaba? Rolleyes

RE: RFM - RFM Corporation - Ollie - 07-07-2011

...bagsak prsyo na raw madam, ayaw na magbaba pa ng tindera, puhunan na raw nila yan eh, tapat na daw presyo hehe Smile