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STOCK MARKET FOR BEGINNER - vain1234 - 12-07-2018

Hello mga kababayan, sino po dito ang trader/investor ng stock market? Kamusta ang hawak nyo ngayon na stocks?

Sa mga gusto malaman kung paano kumita s stock market, watch this youtube video. Napakauseful mga kabayan lalo na sa mga newbie na nagbabalak pa lang pasukin ang stock market. [Image: smile.png]

RE: STOCK MARKET FOR BEGINNER - Glaskor - 12-14-2018

In simple words, stock trading can be explained in such a way that when a company goes public or is public, people invest in it. The value of the company goes up and down depending upon the amount invested in it. You get profit or loss depending upon the value of the stocks.

RE: STOCK MARKET FOR BEGINNER - Dlellon2 - 03-16-2019

It looks so easy to trade equities when you look aside, but when you enter this market you will see that there are many obstacles. This is why it is always the best approach to start learning how to trade and test your knowledge on demo account before you switch to real account

RE: STOCK MARKET FOR BEGINNER - Braith - 04-16-2019

Traders can benefit from stock volatility but also from dividend payouts. These are two different trading strategies and new traders should get familiar with both as they will include different sets of stocks