Premiere Horizon Alliance Corp

Premiere Horizon Alliance Corporation (PHA), formerly Premiere Entertainment Philippines, Inc., was incorporated on January 13, 1988 originally as Premiere Films International, Inc. The Company's primary purpose is to engage in business activities relating to entertainment, gaming, hotel and leisure.

As of December 31, 2016, PHA has the following subsidiaries and affiliates: Redstone Construction and Development Corporation; West Palawan Premiere Development Corp.; Goshen Land Capital Inc.; Concepts Unplugged Business Environment Solutions, Inc.; Digiwave Solutions Inc.; PH Big Bounty Entertainment, Inc.; and Premiere e-Teleservices.

Today, PHA is an investment holding company which focuses on projects that invigorate the countryside. PHA's mission is to engage in sustainable countryside development using new technologies and best practices in the fields of food security, natural resources development, life sciences and technology, and tourism.

Source: SEC Form 17-A (2016)

Premiere Entertainment Philippines, Inc. (PEP) was incorporated on January 13, 1988 and was then known as Premiere Films International, Inc. to reflect its venture into foreign movie productions and in 1993, it introduced the Roving Cinema, a theater-*****-advertising van showcasing movies, television programs or documentaries interspersed with advertisements between gaps. On June 20, 1996, the Company's name was amended to Premiere Entertainment Productions Inc.

Furthermore, the shares of stock of PEP were listed on the Philippine Stock Exchange on May 5, 1997, and became the first publicly-listed company engaged in the production of motion pictures. On the other hand, this was also the period when the Company started its venture in the gaming industry, as part of its whole entertainment offer. PEP continues to offer broadcast rights for its film library titles for television, video, cable and other medium requiring such titles.

In August 2008, PEP amended its company name to Premiere Entertainment Philippines, Inc.

PEP has successfully acquired I.T. gaming company Digiwave Solutions, Inc. (Digiwave), through a share swap transaction. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued on 13 February 2009 the Certificate of Approval of Valuation certifying that the valuation of the shares of stock of Digiwave amounting to P1,003,592,000 or the aggregate of 500,000 shares of stock in exchange of shares of stock of PEP in the same amount was approved by the SEC pursuant to the provisions of the Corporation Code.

In May 2009, PEP opened its own poker club, called the Big Ace Liberty Club, marking its first venture into live poker gaming.

At present, PEP has six operating subsidiaries, Digiwave Solutions, Inc., Premiere Events Palace, Inc., PEP Metro Leisure, Inc., Premiere Show Biz, Inc., La Prima Hotel Imperiale, Inc., and Premiere e-Teleservices, Inc.

Source: SEC Form 17-A (2009)

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Kung walang drama walang saya Tongue
And since this went ceiling today. anybody who knows what's behind this?
...ask Glenchuy, resident tiktik, I think he will share something at his tsismis thread
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ceiling pala ito kanina?! haha late reaction ako hehe busy kasi sa office eh hehe
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nagdalwang isip bumili sa .33.. 5m pa lng kc ung value kanina.. naiwan tuloy... cheer ko na lng kayo bukas,,, sideline na lng ako.. Goodluck guys..
when GOD steps in, MIRACLE happens.....

It's more fun in FOREX!!!

Sinong nakapasok kanina?
got in at .30 sold din before closing Smile

(08-16-2011, 06:10 PM)Ollie Wrote: ...ask Glenchuy, resident tiktik, I think he will share something at his tsismis thread

alangya. tiktik Big Grin tawa ako dito a.
buy high, sell higher!

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got in @ .33 ...prob lang is kaunti lang ito sa akin...

will check bukas kung lakas pa ba un demand..

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