Sta. Lucia Land Inc.
Ownership update. Sta. Lucia Land Inc. (SLI) has authorized capital consisting of 16 billion common shares of which 10.796 billion are outstanding. Its majority stockholder, or parent company, is Sta. Lucia Realty & Development Inc. (SLRDI), which sold 123.392 million SLI shares in the last three months of 2010 at prices ranging from P1.77 to P2.23 per share. SLRDI owned 10.399 billion shares, or 96.32 percent, after selling 21.892 million in October 2010. It continued to unload SLI shares that by December 22, 2010, when it sold 7 million shares, the number of SLI shares it controlled dropped to 10.288 billion shares, or 95.287 percent, while the other stockholders owned 508.814 million shares, or 4.712 percent, still way below the 10-percent public ownership required under the rule of the Philippine Stock Exchange.

Of the publicly owned shares, foreigners own 2.694 million shares, or 0.025 percent, way below the 40-percent foreign ownership limit. SLI’s filing containing its top 100 stockholders as of December 31, 2010 listed SLRDI as owner of 10.221 billion shares, or 99.7167 percent. (Computed on 10.796 billion outstanding shares, the result is lower at 94.670 percent.)
Lumipad di inabot ang TP ng isa diyan. For real ba ito or fake lang? Anyway, kaya ka ba gumalaw dahil sa disclosure mo last Friday? Smile
...uncle din 'to eh Smile
My rooster sold all my ipits @ 0.91.

Today we got out of SLI jail with a small profit for coffee. Big Grin
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That belief is not to subject to change. On my other takes, you take sole risk if my rooster is serious or just heckling.
(06-27-2011, 10:57 AM)muscleman Wrote: My rooster sold all my ipits @ 0.91.

Today we got out of SLI jail with a small profit for coffee. Big Grin

Congrats Muscle Bro SmileSmile
akyat pa. its time for you to shine naman. give us prosperity and abundance sli...
^^...ipit ka rin no? ahihihi Smile ok lang yan...
Com oks lang kung kay Uncle ito basta paakyatin niya. Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin As long as it can set the prisoners free from this stock. My other friends are also ipit here and my wish is for them to get out of it also.

I am happy for you muscleman.

To AB, your wish will be granted via PM. Big Grin Take care always.
grabe ito ngayon ah... wala pa namang July ah, diba July iyo nagpapasikat... Big Grin
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^^Not necessarily. SLI is easy to go up coz the public float is small. Just to let you know, you have to wear shorts here. Smile

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