New BPITrade vs CitisecOnline
Hi, are there any users of both systems? maybe you could share the differences between the two.. I'm using a bpi trade account since it was easier for me to open one here in Baguio but after reading a lot of posts here, it seems more people are using COL.. any advantages? Smile
I am using both...eto nlng cguro massbi ko advantage ng COL,mdli lng icomply requirement nla kung cla ang broker na ggmitin mo,mas mamaximize mo buying power mo dhil sa Margin,,mas ok sa short term trade kse real mga TA and FA cla and my ilang recommendations of which stock are cheap to BUY and user Friendly....ang BPItrade nmn after upgrade,mbilis lng mgwithdraw at derecho n agd sa acct mo..mas ok pg medium term to long term sa pg trade...dhil newly upgrade xa,,my mga TA na FA n din ndi gaya dti n halos buy and sell lng mggwa mo sa broker n yan..ang ilang disadvantage lng cguro n napansin ko ky Bpitrade ay ang blis mglogout khit ilang minutes lng n inactivity at mdyo mhirap lng mg comply sa requirement sa pg aaply sa knla..
I am using COL and I am enjoying it so far. Smile Madaling intindihin system nila and you can start investing in as low as 5K.
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Bro dinocol,

I am using both BPITrade and COL and they have some similar and other unique features.

Actually I opened a thread before to be used in the book, The Responsible Trader, that I am presently writing. Based on a survey I previously conducted, the rankings of the criteria used in selecting online brokers in the order of importance are as follows:

1 - Service level - Trading Facility seldom offline

2 - Provides charting software

3 - Low commission rates

4 - Landlline easily accessible when offlline

5 - With courteous and helpful brokers

with the following rating codes:

E - Excellent

VG - Very good

S - Satisfactory

NI - Needs improvement

U - Unsatisfactory

I would like to use it for rating them both.

1 - Service level - Trading Facility seldom offline - S (also they log you off easily for even a very short period of inactivity)

2 - Provides charting software - VG

3 - Low commission rates - VG

4 - Landlline easily accessible when offlline - S

5 - With courteous and helpful brokers - S

1 - Service level - Trading Facility seldom offline - VG

2 - Provides charting software - E

3 - Low commission rates - VG

4 - Landlline easily accessible when offlline - NA (Did not experience any need to call them)

5 - With courteous and helpful brokers - NA (Did not experience any need to call them)

In my opinion, COL's charting software at the moment is far better than BPITrade because they offer a choice of indicators you can use unlike BPITrade's present platform.

I think it is advantageous to maintain two online stockbroker accounts because you can use them both as back-ups to each other, i.e., in case COL is offline, you can still continue to trade using BPITrade and vice versa. At present, I use both to complement each other.

COL offers a free 7-day trial with no obligation on your part. I suggest you avail of one and see the difference yourself.

Good luck on all your trades.
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Im using 3 brokers,

BPI TRADE-medium,and para mas mabilis magtransfer via expressonline.
COL-long term,okay un research
Accord-maganda un interface nya,user-friendly

And yes,medyo okay n ngaun si BPI trade dahil sa upgrade.
Bumilis ang bpitrade..

Bilis rin ng orders di katulad dati.

Pero parang naglolog or hang pa ang update nila sa bids/ask

Pareho ko binubuksan ng sabay ang Citisec at bpitrade para makumpara..
Based on few days of trading, parang sa orders mas ok sa bpitrade?
O wala lang tlga mahit ang sell ko kay citisec.

At least nag improve na khit papano si bpitrade.
Tingin ko gaganda pa lalo sila
Meron po bang apps sa iphone ang Citiseconline?
What about their research? Kumusta ang cvoverage nila sa mga companies? How often do they provide it? Do both cater fundamental and technical analysis and macroeconomic views?
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The other day may problem sa trading kay bpitrade... di makapost ng buy or sell.

BPItrade - i use for my mid/long term
COL - for day trade / short term (1 week)

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