Medco Holdings Inc.
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Medco Holdings, Inc. (MED) was originally incorporated on October 23, 1969 as Mindanao Exploration & Development Corporation and engaged in mineral exploration and development. It adopted its current name in 1995. With the entry of the Lippo Group in the middle of 1995, MED embarked on a major corporate shift that resulted in its transformation into an investment holding company. In line with the change in its primary business purpose, MED had previously sold all its rights, titles, interests including all liabilities and obligations in its mining lease contracts and operating agreements to South Seas Oil & Mineral Exploration Development Co., Inc. Since then, MED had been engaged in investment holding activities.

At present, MED's investment portfolio is composed of holdings in companies involved in financial services (commercial and investment banking) and trade development (operation of exhibition halls and conference facilities). MED's subsidiaries and affiliates are Medco Asia Investment Corporation, Export & Industry Bank, Inc., and Manila Exposition Complex, Inc.

Source: SEC Form 17-A (2016)

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masarap paglaruan tong stock na to, kaya lang nakakatakot din.
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ayos lang yan sir ollie. basic principle lang naman, buy low - sell high Smile
ano po ba tong medco? i mean ano po business? sorry newbie Big Grin
holdings yata sila sir ayon kay google. bumibili lang din sila ng shares kagaya natin. wala silang product
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thanks for adding med to the thread. agree with you, this stock is not for the newbies like myself but was able to purchase at a low price. pang yosi funds. Big Grin
(03-22-2013, 11:03 AM)lababo Wrote: ano po ba tong medco? i mean ano po business? sorry newbie Big Grin

MEDCO Holdings, Inc. (MED) is a holding company. MED's principal activity involves investment holdings in financial service companies, commercial or investment banking; and trade development, exhibition halls and conference facilities operations. Its two main subsidiaries are Medco Asia Investment Corp. (MAIC), and Export & Industry Bank, Inc.(Exportbank). MAIC is 64.54% owned by the Company. It is an investment banking formerly known as Lippo Asia Investment Corp. that offers corporate finance
Exportbank was closed by the BSP last year. There were talks of BDO buying it but did not push through.

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