"Suspended" Boulevard Holdings, Inc.

Boulevard Holdings, Inc. (BHI) was established and incorporated on July 13, 1994 as a holding company with primary interests in the following businesses: ownership of companies involved in the development of hotels and resorts & tourism-related businesses and investments in strategic land locations & rentable real estate properties.

BHI subsidiaries cater to premiere and elite clients, with an ambition to expand its Friday's Hotel brand to at least nine different idyllic locations throughout Asia in the following 10 years. The Company has also determined to create long-term value by increasing its capitalization, entering into joint ventures for tourist destination development and commanding a significant share in the primary resort home market outside Metro Manila.

BHI has one business segment concentration which is hospitality and leisure with Friday's Holdings Inc., owner and operator of Friday's Boracay Island Beach Resort in Boracay Island, Aklan, Crown One Land, Inc., and Friday's Puerto Galera, Inc.

Source: SEC Form 17-A (2010)

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Kung walang drama walang saya Tongue
...maestro bordz...I am not worthy....bow Smile ang galing! oy ingat kayo ha? this is no longer an endorsement baka huli na

swing trade ginawa ni Master B dito
round 2 na hahahahaha
...buti na lang konti pa lang tayo...konti pa lang nakakaalam sa magic ni maestro haha Smile

...ay walastik, kagulo na haha, tawagin nyo na nga si maestro....ano na ba nangyayari dito? nyahahaha Big Grin

(06-17-2011, 11:40 AM)Ollie Wrote: ...buti na lang konti pa lang tayo...konti pa lang nakakaalam sa magic ni maestro haha Smile

May mga disclosures kasi si BHI pero di ko na-track ito. Smile If I remember it correctly lagi yun ang akyat niya. hahaha...Di ako nakabili nito Sad I know it is an earning company and it just hit its par value today at 0.10. Sayang, if I just don't have a task, I would not miss this for a ride.

Anyway, congratulations to Master Bordz. I am so happy for you. Big Grin

Commander, wag ka angry, kasi pati mga ganitong klaseng company binabasa ko what is happening whether I intend to buy or not. Tongue
"conso", "tikada" "red sma" "dobol break" ano daw? haha!

Para akong bulag na witness dito kasi I dont get the logic behind the master's moves pero superb! Well, I dont even understand the hell they're talking about. Naglalaway na lang ako sa usapan nila ni Nok Big Grin
nihil timendum est.
nde ako nakasabay sa kanta nito ah(eto pala yun)..heheh gratz guys!
Hi...uyyyyy may thread na pala hhiihih Thanks Com Mistah and you guys...
The move to enter this stock is due to the 2 tranches of 600M shares that was crossed the past week,that accounts for a 16% of its outstanding shares of DEWEY , I mean Boulevard. That paved the way for me to send a buy call @78 at run off after checking the technicals that could support the run.
It achieved ddouble breakout yesterday 82 and 86 and today 90/92.
Usual run of this stock is 41% achieved today at high of 101...
Its highly volatile at this level now, but brokeout form a medium downturn , next price to take out is .11...
This is a RISKY stock....DO NOT enter if you do not have a Game plan...Heart
(06-17-2011, 12:27 PM)neshem Wrote: nde ako nakasabay sa kanta nito ah(eto pala yun)..heheh gratz guys!

OT muna sandali COM...sunod Rey Valera namn tyo ....Mahal Kita... Bastat , Mahal kita... Iniisip nila ay hindi mahalaga...Mahal kita maging..._ _ _ _ Heart
"The gut-feel of the 55-year old trader is more important than the mathematical elegance of the 25-year old genius."
-Alan Greenspan-
bought at .078 at run off, as per orders of my Boss and Master. sold at .087/.088 Big Grin

Boss, sabayan ulit kita sa pagkanta sa Rey Valera song. Sarap mag videoke. Big GrinBig Grin

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