Gann Square?
Anyone can help explain the use of the Gann Square? I've been reading it in google and i can't seem to understand how to use it properly..

Mayroon dn option sa amibroker to draw it.. patulong po sana Smile
hindi ko rin alam papano gamitin Big Grin
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stock market abbreviations (for newbies)

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wala yata gumagamit nito. hehe... hintay hintay tayo baka may sumagot.
si boss genkumag gumagamit nito
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(04-16-2013, 03:14 PM)ippfx Wrote: si boss genkumag gumagamit nito

I've been interested in the Square of Nine also, but depending on the trading instrument Gann didn't use just nine.  One of the websites that I thought helped to explain the calculation method is here  There's a number of informations sources on this when you use Google.
I was testing Ganns Square in Forex trading and it was not working for me. Actually I think that since the beginning of financial market development many things has changed and Ganns Square, although is a good concept, it seems it does not work anymore

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