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(06-30-2011, 09:44 AM)Ruach Wrote: Lakas ng reversal to uptrend from Double Top. Smile Sis Aiz oks lang yun. Just kidding you. Smile

oo naman sis, kaw pa Wink
Quote:oo naman sis, kaw pa Wink

Pansin mo may star ka na? Congratulations and of course sa TA too. Big Grin
wow, oo nga. how'd i get that? number of posts?
too big to get the attention of the traders, my amateur move naibenta ko agad at 1.18 (dunno if it's the right choice), abangan ko nlng uli sa pagababa ng konti then I'll decide d next move....Maraming maraming salamat k Boss SKY for the signal your d legend IDOL !
Bought back @ 1.13 earlier. hehe.
Ahmmm... Ano po ibig sabihin ng disclosure na ito? Huh
So, si NorAsian ang magbabayad ng expenses ni TA kapalit ng % interest na iyon?

DOE approval of transfer of interest in Service Contract No. 55 to NorAsian Energy Limited
Disclosure No:4900-2011

And good news ba yan? I'm planning to make this stock my long term..
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^^It means lumiit ang stake ni Trans-Asia for SC 55. The share of TA for SC 55 will now be 6.82%. It means that any expenses that should be shouldered by Trans-Asia for SC 55 will be paid by NorAsian for the 1st and 2nd well when they do the drilling of those wells kapalit ng reduced stake ni TA sa SC 55.

Therefore, if let us say an oil is found, based on the number of barrels produced, TA will now only get 6.82% because reduced na ang holdings niya for that service contract.

Oil exploration just like mining exploration are money/capital intensive on the part of the Company doing it. They need partners to share on the cost of exploration but the reward is big if there is something found on it based on studies made before which can be years ago. Smile

As to what is going to happen, just look at the price action on Monday. Big Grin

Business wise, TA has a lot of investment not only in Oil and Exploration but also into power business. Income wise, they are earning.
matagal na yan boss na disclose early this year pa. ngaun lng i-napprove ng DOE hehe. so wala na siguro yan effect sa price ng TA
Ang Na Ang Na Sulakihin Somaskidot Moko Moko!

Ahhhh... hehe, salamats po Mam Ruach at Sir Japyness! Big Grin
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Bought some at 1.11. Smile Maganda dito mabilis pumitik kaya intay-intay lang.
Signing of contract to supply electricity to Batangas II Electric Cooperative, Inc.

TA will supply 6 months electricity to Batangas II Electric Cooperative, Inc.

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