Holcim Philippines, Inc.
Which is which?
Holcim's profit is down -> Bad
Possible price hike -> Good or bad?
Posted on May 02, 2012 10:15:28 PM

Holcim preps for higher cement demand in Luzon

CEMENT MANUFACTURER Holcim Philippines, Inc. will undertake a P400-million upgrade of its shuttered Batangas mill to prepare for a foreseen rise in Southern Luzon demand.

the key to trading success is to focus on how much money is at risk, not how much money you can make.

trading is simple, but it's not easy. if you want to stay in the business, leave hope at the door, focus on specific setups, and stick to your stops.
up as of this time ng 3.19%.
resistance is 12 and 12.36
now at 12.30
tagal din sideways nito from jan 2012.

cycle top din... so baka untog ito. let's see.
overbought area na si CMT baka dito magsilipatan. ehehe nasa RSI 65 palang
Follow the Trend like a SHADOW
Until Price will fly to the MOON
ayun! Big Grin

Just saw the chart of your pet chu. Possible tp of 14?
And a man, a man provides. And he does it even when he's not appreciated, or respected, or even loved. He simply bears up and he does it. Because he's a man.

- Gus Fring
^ possible senyor RM. ang initial TP kasi based sa resistance nung chart is 13.8 to 14.

will post daily and weekly chart later. dami nya chart patterns. hehe
1. After a breakout from falling wedge, it formed a rectangle pattern. Signaling for a continuation of uptrend
2.TP of Falling Wedge and Rectangle pattern is 13.8 to 14.
3. Important to SET stop loss depends on what price you got in. Still no confirmation na break out na ito sa rectangle pattern.

1. Possibly forming a inverted head and shoulders pattern

Note: Not my recommendation for a buy. Just sharing my personal TA. winking

[Image: HLCMDaily30812.PNG]

[Image: HLCMWeekly382012.PNG]
+ 2.54% as of this time... 12.90 na

gap up nga lang Undecided

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