Concepcion Industrial Corp.
...isa pa 'to, ok pa ba mga Concepcions?

SEC gives P2.7-B Concepcion Industries IPO the green light

The P2.7-billion initial public offering of Concepcion Industries next month was approved by the the Securities and Exchange Commission en banc Tuesday, SEC Commission Secretary Gerard Lukban told reporters.

In a filing with SEC, Concepcion Industries noted it will sell 74.96 million primary and secondary shares at P31.45 per share, with another 11.24 million shares for overallotment. The offer period was slated for Nov. 5 to Nov 11, with a listing date set for Nov. 15.

The home appliance maker said 70 percent of the offer shares will be allotted to overseas investors and 30 percent to domestic buyers.

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Concepcion Industrial Corporation (CIC), formerly Concepcion Airconditioning Corporation (CAC), was incorporated on July 17, 1997 and served as a subsidiary of Concepcion Industries Inc. (CII). The Company is primarily a holding company which operates principally through its two subsidiaries, Concepcion-Carrier Air Conditioning Company and Concepcion Durables, Inc. CIC is a supplier of air conditioners, air conditioning solutions, and refrigerators, and is exploring a potential expansion into other consumer appliance products.

Through a restructuring in 2013, CII's ownership interest in CIC was transferred to three other entities. On May 8, 2013, CIC acquired CDI from CII. On June 20, 2013, CAC was renamed to its present name. The Company is part of the Concepcion group of companies, which includes interests in air conditioning, refrigeration, durable goods, communications, malls and real estate properties.

CIC has a range of solutions and after-market service across multiple international and Philippine brands including "Carrier", "Toshiba", "Condura" and "Kelvinator". These solutions are designed to serve a wide array of customers and structure types, from individuals and single families living in small residences to thousands of residents, visitors and workers spread across large residential towers and office buildings, entertainment facilities, and commercial and industrial warehouses and factories.


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Conception Industries yung gumagawa ng aircon at ref (Condura,Carrier, Kelvinator at iba png brands ) di b?

Naku .. ito ang magpapalamig sa mainit natin stock market, hehehehe...

Let us do the things we have not done before to get the things we have not received before.

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IPO n nman.. dame na.. Travellers.. Discovery....RRG...
sirain ang mga aircon nito

Info ng IPO mula sa PSE.........

2 n maging Listed companies ni concepcion.. RFM at CONUDRA hehe
...I am not sure about the Concepcions

Concepcion Industrial lowers IPO price to P30.50 per share maximum

From a maximum IPO price of P31.45 per share, Concepcion Industrial Corp. on Tuesday lowered the indicative price for its maiden share sale to P25.50 to P30.50 apiece.

The latest indicative price gives Concepcion Industrial proceeds of between P2.19 billion and P2.62 billion from its initial public offering, after which IPO the company will have a market capitalization of P8.21 billion and s public float of 33 percent.

“The company advised the exchange that in consultation with its financial advisers, it has decided to sell the offer shares within a price range of P25.50 to P30.50 per share from the previous price range of up to P31.45 per share,” the company noted in a memorandum to the Philippine Stock Exchange.

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Dapat masaya tayo pag madaming IPO, tataas kasi ang market capitalization natin.

Wala pa masyado impact sa interntational business media ang market natin due to low capitalization.
This year ba yung IPO nila? Dami ah.
Concepcion shares now traded on PH stock exchange

MANILA—The country’s leading airconditioning and refrigeration appliance manufacturer, Concepcion Industrial Corp. (CIC), debuted on the local stock exchange and sealed a deal to locally distribute the products of Chinese manufacturing powerhouse GD Midea Holdings on Wednesday.

About P1.95 billion worth of CIC shares were sold during the company’s initial public offering, which placed out 74.965 million shares to new investors at P26 per share. CIC shares, however, fell by 3.27 percent to P25.15 per share in morning trade after its listing debut.

Raul Joseph Concepcion, CIC chair and chief executive officer, said during Wednesday’s listing ceremonies: “Fifty years of operational excellence, product innovation and enduring partnerships have prepared CIC for the inevitable shift from being a family-owned corporation into a public company.”

“The IPO ensures a sustainable platform for CIC as it expands its product offerings and integrated business solutions,” he added.

CIC, which has been growing at a compounded annual growth rate of 13 percent in the last three years, is upbeat about its growth trajectory in the years ahead. Concepcion noted that nine out of 10 consumers in the country don’t have airconditioners while six out of 10 don’t have refrigerators, giving the company a lot of room for growth even if it were just to concentrate on the Philippine market.

At the same time, Concepcion said, CIC would benefit from the trend of consumers looking to replace existing appliances with more energy-efficient models. He noted that the Filipino middle class has been growing, thereby benefiting CIC’s business.

Furthermore, he said, the opening of more casinos, restaurants and shopping malls in the country would spur demand for CIC products. CIC has the largest market share of 36 percent for airconditioning in the Philippines and 26 percent for refrigerators. In terms of business mix, airconditioning accounts for the lion’s share of its business.

The joint venture with China’s Midea, the largest appliance company in the world, would allow CIC to expand its distribution business beyond airconditioning and refrigeration. Concepcion said this would allow CIC to offer other consumer appliances like conventional ovens, microwave ovens and cooking ranges, which were not in its portfolio until now.

In a separate disclosure, CIC said it had signed a shareholders agreement with Midea Electric Trading (Singapore) Co. Pte. The agreement will be effective “upon the fulfillment of certain conditions precedent by both parties,” the disclosure said.

The joint venture is a distribution firm which is 52 percent owned by CIC and its holding company and 48 percent by Midea.

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