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8990 Holdings, Inc.
Business Profile:

IP-Converge Data Center, Inc. (CLOUD), a wholly-owned subsidiary of IPVG Corporation, is an information technology and communications services provider incorporated in July 8, 2005. CLOUD was registered with the Board of Investments in the ICT Support Services Category on June 15, 2010, and was registered with the Philippine Economic Zone Authority as an Ecozone IT Enterprise at the RCBC Plaza on April 24, 2006.

The Company's core product and service is a "Managed Data Services" suite which provides customers with co-location, connectivity services, distributed denial of service attack protection, customer relationship management solutions, financial solutions, disaster recovery and business continuity services, unified communications and messaging solutions, and other ancillary products and services.

CLOUD began its operations with the acquisition of an international, telco-grade data center from Reach Networks, which the Company continues to operate. The data center, which is used to provide Managed Data Services, is located at RCBC Plaza Tower II in Makati City. By 2006, the Company tuned its strategy by maintaining a focused go-to-market strategy, zeroing in on several niche markets, selling in-demand products and services with a distinct market edge over competition, while conscious of maintaining its competitive cost structure.

CLOUD has a wholly-owned subsidiary, IP Converge Data Services Inc. (IPDS), which renders data center services, co-location and managed services. As of December 31, 2010, IPDS has yet to start commercial operations.

Source: SEC Form 17-A (2010)

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Market noise lang ba? CLOUD trading with some semblance of volume. Made me think that aside from the owners making a killing from the IPO, this has never been played in the market before.
#3 seeding na RM haha
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whats up with cloud?
Risk-reward ratio is more biased to risk at this point. Sa gusto mag-gambling, just get a small position, this can always go south if it wants to. I personally wouldn't touch it right now.
Nice Cloud...broke out from a long conso @ 2.7 next TP would be 3.2 and if broken ---> IPO price
agree with RM with regards to the risk at this price

You do not require an invitation to make profits
what the??
If buying high and selling low can make money, I would have been a billionaire already..

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Lapit na 3.2 bigla boss spec haha. Pero may liquidity problem sa buyer's side puro ninja buying lang kasi.
(10-12-2011, 11:16 AM)RamblingMan Wrote: Lapit na 3.2 bigla boss spec haha. Pero may liquidity problem sa buyer's side puro ninja buying lang kasi.
Very much agree

You do not require an invitation to make profits
Baka kumanta na ang mga IPO holders nito - Kay tagal kitang hinintay....Smile

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