DoubleDragon Properties Corp.
Sumubok lang, I requested 5K (minimum) allotment from FMS. Kung pagbigyan, siguro i-dispose ko kaagad.
"Be QUICK, but DO NOT hurry!"

Current port: ALI, DNL, FMETF, GLO, MER, TEL, URC
nadala na ako sa IPO lately.. tugs and RWM. pareho talunan.. hehehe.. wait n lng ako sa action nito pag nag start na.. Smile
Here's why I will not buy DD right now.

1. Extremely overpriced relative to peers.
2. Poor market timing. Poor landbank, purchasing properties at peak prices.
3. Very poor project executions. Injap tower is delayed and other projects are not done well. Frequent use of unreliable contractors.
4. I'm 99% sure Unicapital and BDO Capital haven't visited the projects of DD in Iloilo. True, Injap Tower is right across SM but its separated by a 6 lane highway. You need to climb the overpass to reach SM and certainly don't want to do this if your carrying groceries. The surrounding is not that good. Who wants to stay in a building named "Injap Tower" when you can stay in soon to open Richmonde and Marriot by Megaworld. Its one of the ugliest building I have seen. You should see it before investing. Contrary to the advertisement, Injap tower is not in Iloilo CBD. CBD right now is inside Megaworld's 20 to 40B complex. Building a 20 plus story building in Iloilo is a very very bad idea. Megaworld, SM, and Ayala are only building low rise structures. Iloilo's soil is very soft and high water table. Everytime there is an earthquake, windows and tiles of most tall buildings cracked. Not to mention, Injap tower is located at the side of a river.
5. The well advertised sold out unit of DD first condominium is purchased mostly by friends. The purchases are investment driven, you will be lucky to see 5 windows with lights when you passed by. Investors are currently struggling to rent them out. Low priced decent hotels are plenty in Iloilo. Nobody likes the concept of condominium in Iloilo. Its more expensive and restrictive compared to buying a house and lot. OFWs prefer house and lots where they can build their dream homes and not boxes.
6. First homes is poorly located. Its not at the side of a main road. Contrary to advertisement is not near the city center. From the main road, you will most likely get lost before reaching it. Its also poorly constructed.
7. Uptown is more promising but again its very ugly and the price range is almost the same as in Manila. Too expensive for Ilonggos and boarding houses and dorms are plenty. You really need to see it before investing.
8. The citymall concept is not well thought of. One of the basic principle of building malls, is "the bigger the better." We like to go to the malls where we can find all we need. A smaller mall will be like going to seven eleven or mercury drug.
9. This is the killer. According to DD, after they have listed they will then issue bonds and borrow from banks. It will be around another 3B. This will drown the company in debt at a time when the economy is starting to slow down.

This is why I will by DD right now.
1. I think this will trump all of my bearish analysis above. Sia is not exactly shy when it comes to publicity and wealth. He is a marketing guy and always markets himself as investible. He thrives on relationship with proven, and well-established entrepreneurs. He leveraged this relationship to attract more investments to his company. He builds businesses based on relationships and less on fundamentals. He seldom start a business alone, he always partners with people with more influence. I doubt he will let DD sink! He has enough cash to buy up DD if he needs to (compliment of the Bee's money).

Eto sagot ng FMS sa query ko kung kailan malaman allocation results.

Quote:Dear Sir,

If you receive an allocation in the Double Dragon IPO, payment will be debited from your First Metro Sec account's cash balance on April 1.
IPO allocation result will be out by March 31.
"Be QUICK, but DO NOT hurry!"

Current port: ALI, DNL, FMETF, GLO, MER, TEL, URC
Official Webpage:

Prospectus can be found here:

"Be QUICK, but DO NOT hurry!"

Current port: ALI, DNL, FMETF, GLO, MER, TEL, URC
Pass muna ako sa DD.. with the reason below..


The net tangible book value of the Company as of 31 December 2013 was PHP 611,504,000 or PHP
0.37 per share. The net tangible book value represents the amount of the Company’s Total Assets less
its Total Liabilities and intangible assets. The Company’s net tangible book value per share represents
its net tangible book value divided by the number of common shares outstanding.

After giving effect to the increase in the Company’s Total Assets to reflect its receipt of the net
proceeds from the Offer estimated to be One Billion Thirty Two Million Five Hundred Thirty Nine
Thousand Forty Nine Philippine Pesos (PHP 1,032,539,049) and the addition of Five Hundred Seventy
Nine Million Seven Hundred Thirty Thousand (579,730,000) new common shares subject of the Offer,
the Company’s adjusted net tangible book value would be PHP 1,644,043,049 or PHP 0.74 per share.
This represents an immediate increase of PHP 0.37 per share to existing shareholders and a dilution of
PHP 1.26 per share to the investors participating in the Offer.
Price is what you pay, value is what you get.
To buy or to subscribe?
Good eye sniper, I shoot. You run.

I saw john templeton's post in the other forum.
He is a newcomer there and here.
Weird thing is that his first post on both sites are to destroy an IPO.
Unfortunately, being a newcomer, he has no track record to prove whether he can be trusted or not.
He may be right. He may be just a hit man.
To the newbies: beware of newbies pretending to be experts.
Listen to those who have been there for a long time and have proven their worth.
phasssssssttttttttttttttttttt angkol moneyp, i think that he was presentimg the issues for all to weigh. we can check the veracity by having our relatives living in Iloilo visit their project sites. there are always two sides of the coin. ay ambot lang ..... winking
(03-26-2014, 05:21 PM)johntempleton Wrote: Here's why I will not buy DD right now.


...revisit your registration here in SMP mr johntempleton, I see that you opted to be more of an anonymous member than most of us here who have inputted factual info about ourselves

...I am inclined more to doubt your posts and side with moneyp here

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