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"Online Broker" ABACUS - Abacus Online

Abacus Securities Corporation ("Abacus") is one of the leading stockbrokerage firms in the Philippines. In the twenty years that Abacus is in the market, it consistently ranked among the top ten stockbrokerage houses in the country. The Company is renowned for four things, namely: stability, expertise, professionalism and customer care. Abacus aims to become one of the leading and the choice brokerage company in the Philippines, as it is committed to provide impeccable service and value to its clients.

AbacusOnline is the online trading platform of Abacus Securities Corporation. This trading facility is established with an end view of keeping up with the changing investment needs and preference of the investing public and to further enhance and widen Abacus Securities Corporation's stock brokering and trading businesses.

visit their website to know more about opening up an account

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