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"Online Broker" BPI - BPI Trade
It might help understanding that their platform isn't their own. It says on their website that their platform is powered by Technistock. It's probable that they are coordinating their technical problem with the platform provider. So the whole process of fixing the whole platform will take time. Note: not an employee of bpitrade or any of its affliates. Smile
common naman sa mga online brokers na gamit ang technistock platform - ab capital, first metro, wealth sec, angping to name a few. so if you're going to choose another broker better choose a different platform.

"A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be." - Albert Einstein
nakakahilo si bpi trade ngayon!
The World is a Vampire . . .
May problema na naman ang site??? Diyos ko, BPI Trade, what the hell???
The problem with BPI Trade is that when you top up your trading account from your Saving/Checking account, it would take 1 day to get reflected on your trading account. Somehow, you lose that 1 day of opportunity.

I heard that this is not true for other online brokers Sad
Caveat: Continuously learning.
You're absolutely right @thebrickwall
They had another problem: Funds transferred on 6/18 were not made available yesterday. Funds were made available only today. That's 2 days of opportunity loss.
Caveat: Continuously learning.
Middle of the day and guess who's site is down again. Sigh...
BPI Trade will not accept postings until 9:30 am today.

What a bummer twisted
Caveat: Continuously learning.

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