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"Online Broker" BPI - BPI Trade
Better get used to that if you're actively trading on BPI. Their platform keeps crashing and they seem to schedule maintenance -- of all times -- during market hours. They then redirect you to call in for a manual trade, which of course clogs up their phone lines as well.

I'm taking a longer term view, but these down-times still irk me.

I hear COL is better if you trade.
...move and return only after they have improved their system, no reason to be staying when you can't hold on to the reliability of their system


bwisit talaga bpi trade 2 weeks na di ko magamit trading platform nila up to now! naging 90% tuloy gain ko sa IS eheheheBig Grin
mwahahaha! talk about luck! Thats why I stay at BPI no matter what.
The World is a Vampire . . .
...tell that to yourselves again pag bumagsak naman yung stock na umangat na Big Grin haha

hwag naman tito, bad karma yan hehehehe!
The World is a Vampire . . .
argh bpi trade ...pano ba apply col..
sinong experience nito?...since yesterday hindi accurate ang last price nya.
had to sell all my stocks to protect my small capital.. baka lumiit lalo.pls do post if ok na po...humihingi lang ng tulong . tnx..
...lipat na Smile

k comm. apply ako col.

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