Asia Best Group Int'l Inc.
Comprehensive Corporate Disclosure re: sale and issuance of shares to various investors; Trading Halt

BOD approved the sale and issuance of 136,678,651 shares at 1.00 share via private placement.

Trading halt starts at 9:00 AM and will be lifted at 10:00 AM on June 30, 2011.

Com, 1 peso ang target hindi yung last traded price niya when it was suspended more than a decade ago. Big Grin
..patay Big Grin

(06-29-2011, 05:30 PM)Ollie Wrote: ..patay Big Grin

Mahilig kasi si Uncle sa Private Placement. Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin

Doesn't look too good for the bulls. MRC part 2. Caveat!
ahmmm... pwede po ba pa-explain ng kaunti Mam Ruach please... Ano po ba nangyayari pag may private placement? Or kahit sa newbie thread nalang, para di mata trap ang mga tulad naming mga noobs sa mga ganitong pangyayari.. TIA Big Grin
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Private Placement:

Sale of an entire issue of a security to a small group of investors who undertake not to resell it within a specified period.

If you read PSE disclosures, may lock in period tapos the company will tell via disclosure if the lock in period expired and available for trading.

If the private placement is higher than the trading price, pwede umakyat ang stock just like what happened to GEO. If the private placement is lower than the trading price, then downward pressure so baka bumaba si AGP at 1/share. (That was just my observation every time there is a private placement.)

I have not really fully digested and understood the Private Placement and its policies kasi I am just like you, new in all of these things. Maybe Com or somebody can really explain fully what is the impact of a private placement in terms of stock price movement, when the lock-in period expired etc.
what's up?! mukhang ito ang bagong baby ni uncle..
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wAG Po masyado mabilis hihiihh....Big Grin
Buyback range 19.70-20.20...Idea
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Tindi din nito gapang pasimple pataas. Smile
^^ uu nga, hinay hinay lang para makabili ng mababa... hehe. Big Grin
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