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"Online Broker" FIRST METRO - First Metro Securities

First Metro Securities Brokerage Corporation or FirstMetroSec for short, is a stockbrokerage house licensed to trade in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE). Our company is wholly-owned by First Metro Investment Corporation (FMIC), the investment banking arm of the Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company (Metrobank).

At FirstMetroSec, we strive to provide our clients with easy and convenient access to the listed securities in the PSE, coupled with timely and accurate market research, as well as investor education programs. By fulfilling this mission, we hope to provide equal investment opportunities for all Filipinos.

visit their website to know more about opening up an account

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First Metro Securities, PSE sign online trading service agreement

Parang maganda ang interface ng PSE Tradex.

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Very stable. Multi functional. Easy to understand layout.

I have yet to experience system downtime from FMSC aside from their off trading hours maintenance.

Spread out and multiply.
Spread your portfolio and let them multiply.
How much is the initial fund to open up an account?
(06-08-2015, 01:10 PM)HungryMind Wrote: How much is the initial fund to open up an account?

5k pwede na kung may metrobank account ka, pero kung wala ay nasa 25k. Kung day trading ka hindi ko inaadvice ang FMSB, pang longterm siya kasi mabagal hindi paris ng COL at ACCORD.
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Mabilis naman yung FMS.
Marami na silang improvement since 2013 where I first joined FMS.
And starting this Jan 2019, within the day makukuha yung Funds pag nagrequest ka before 4pm.
Unlike COL, it takes 2-3 business days.
...actually kung yung cash mo sa COL has been there for more than 3 days already, withdrawable na siya kaagad Cebuano..yung recent cash mo lang that came from a recent trade transaction ang tatagal ng 2-3 days kasi may clearing pa yan

What I mean comm is aside pa sa clearing ng sold shares mo for the day. Yun kasi nabasa ko sa website ng COL for withdrawal process.
Sold day + 3 days clearing + 2-3 days madeposit sa bank yung check. At til 11am lang yung cut-off nila for check clearing. hehehe.

Though from your experience iba kasi you would directly call them if you have a withdrawal request.
Which I believe you have a Value Added Service na manager relationship. Smile
This is a very useful post. I hope that the people will give you a chance and use your facilities to their advantage. There are a lot of brokers that try to trick the people. I hope that you are not one of them. I will use your services and tell the people through a review.

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