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"Online Broker" WEALTH - Wealth Securities
About Wealth Securities

Wealth Securities Inc. is a leading stock brokerage in the Philippines and member of the Philippine Stock Exchange. It has ranked among the top 20 brokerages in the Philippines since its incorporation in November 1986. In 2000, Wealth received the Euro Money Award for Excellence as the "Best Domestic Securities House in the Philippines". Wealth caters to both retail and institutional clients in the Philippines and overseas. With over 25 years of experience in equity securities, its research team is often quoted in local newspapers and journals for their stock picks and coverage of mid-to-large cap stocks. Over the years, Wealth has developed a reputation for having a keen eye in spotting small companies with sound fundamentals and strong growth potential.

visit their website to know more about opening up an account

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Anyone here who has an account with Wealth Securities??? Is it user friendly? Do they also have research and stock reco?
And in addition, is it easy to add funds and or to withdraw funds?
(05-24-2014, 11:58 AM)kingdom23 Wrote: And in addition, is it easy to add funds and or to withdraw funds?

Pwede ka mag-sign up para sa demo account. Sa funding naman, meron din yan sa FAQs nila. Kahit ibang online brokers din merong trial account.
Interesting. Hope anyone can update this thread.
Sharing my experience with opening an account with Wealth.
I opened an account with them last month. I sent everything through courier. From the date when wealthsec staff received my docus, it took almost 10 days to process it. Let me write in details what happened. I already have a COL account prior to this. Also, at the same time I sent my docus to wealth, I also sent my docus to open an account with First Metro.

1. I sent all documents via 2go.
2. From the date when wealthsec received my docus, it took 1 working day before someone called me. Their employee verified my address.
3. After that, I thought it was already approved. After 2 working days, no update. I sent them an email for update. They told me I had to give them another application form because I put my second name in the middle name part. I said okay. (But I was sure I didn't make that mistake. I was thinking maybe I put middle initial instead of the whole middle name)
4.When I applied online again, I made the mistake of putting middle initial instead of middle name. I sent them an email asking if they can edit it on their part with my permission. But they said they can't, so I re-did the online application. After successfully applying online again, I sent them the copy of the application form (via email, which they said is okay)
5. From the time I sent them the email of my new application form, it took almost 3 working days again (And that is after I sent them an email for an update) before my application was approved.

Overall experience, not good. Yes, my delays were my fault. But if I hadn't sent them an email for updates, I wouldn't even know I made the mistake in the forms.

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