Pictures of SMP EB/Seminar 2014 Dec 06, QC Sports Club

Our EB Planning, an update and a recap.

The securing of the venue has taken too much of our preparatory time for the 2014 SMP EB. We were negotiating with Microtel Hotel in MOA initially and it took them two weeks before they could tell us that the venue has been booked by another group. Microtel was reluctant to commit earlier to our booking (and payment) because the venue was half booked when we approached them last September. They waited and waited for the other group, a bigger group than us, for their confirmation on whether the other half of the venue would be used by them or whether the other group would be cancelling their booking. When the other group learned we were in line after them, waiting and was willing to book the entire venue, they decided to secure it leaving us with no choice but to return to our previous venue, Quezon City Sports Club in Quezon City.

After not getting Microtel Hotel, we contacted our back up venue, Quezon City Sports Club, booked the venue and paid the required 50% down payment only last week. So now, we are good to go. I would like to apologize if we were unable to book our first choice. You won’t believe how venues for December have been fast disappearing. There’s just too many Christmas Parties that’s going to happen by December by the rate venue bookings are doing. Actually we have been fortunate enough to have secured our venue at the Quezon City Sports Club because even there, it’s already booked to the brim. We got the Music Lounge for our venue so pardon the high informal atmosphere when you get there. But I guess that’s ok.

We now move to the Program itself. The main theme for the 2014 SMP EB would be Fund Management and we are lining up speakers for the said topic. I’d like to speak too if it’s ok with you guys. Anyway, this is still a rough program so here’s the ‘unofficial invite’:

What: 2014 StockMarketPILINAS Seminar/EB: “Managing Your Portfolio and Your Fund”
When: December 06, 2014 6:00pm – 10:00pm, registration starts 5:30pm pls. come early for parking
Where: The Music Lounge, Quezon City Sports Club, Araneta Ave., Quezon City
Why: To see your peers, mentors, eat dinner and get stock tips.
Cost: P1000/head
Venue Map:

[Image: VenueMap.jpg]

5:30pm Registration
6:00 – 6:15pm Opening Remarks
6:15 – 6:30pm Briefing of SMP/site sponsors
6:30 – 6:50pm 1st speaker/Ollie
6:50 – 7:10 2nd speaker/Spyfrat
7:10 – 7:30pm 3rd speaker/secret hehe
7:30 – 8:00pm dinner/games with prizes
8:00 – 8:30pm guest speaker/main resource person
8:30 - 8:50pm 4th speaker/secret hehe
8:00 – 9:00pm break
9:00 – 9:45pm consultation/open discussion/mingle around
9:45pm Closing Remarks/thanks sponsors

As this event is drawing near and since we have already committed to the venue, we would like to request all attendees to prepare their payment. Here are the bank details:

BPI Savings Acct 8309 0732 59
BDO Savings Acct 00698 00971 39
Oliver Azarcon

Kindly email or pm details of the payment especially the bank branch to where the payment deposit was made for matching. Deadline for payment would be two weeks before the EB or November 22 as we have to finalize with Quezon City Sport Club by that time how many members and guests would be served dinner.

Regarding the speakers, well you have two already identified, Ollie and Spyfrat. There would be two more which I'd rather not disclose at this point as it is still a surprise since they probably don't know that they would be speakers Smile . In any case, we are trying to come up with a well rounded lecture about fund and portfolio management for all so if you think you need improvement in these areas, I do encourage you to attend.

Here's the initial attendees list (magbayad na kayo huy! Smile ). Kindly include your name if you are attending. Better if you make payment first before contacting to be included in the list Smile .


1. Ollie - paid
2. bong21 - paid
3. durante
4. ec2r_26 - paid
5. eggstyan
6. freelanxer
7. GAP
8. ginhawaibibigay
9. jadriano
10. max.bruks - paid
11. moyzee222
12. staniel1211
13. jungolf
14. tombs07
15. cs_onrubia
16. arjen
17. faceless_trader
18. Onin
19. Spyfrat cute cute - paid
20. May Surtido
21. AM Gokioco
22. ippfx
23. stryker
24. luckytrader
25. thisisarne
26. jaypao
27. gold digger
28. mbadlsu2001
29. john (john albert tan)
30. ping lopez
31. tukayo
32. tonie168
33. jpascual
34. agoonys
35. kesoman
36. liyam
37. queued
38. richgelwis
39. superpick
40. tootoobee - paid
41. petebb
42. milkfish
43. jaydee
44. silverhand
45. equityhunter
46. hitman21177
47. dallas4594
49. crackeroats
50. Shoegazer
51. Patski
52. Arjen
53. Doctor One
54. miketere - paid
55. blade_chord - paid
56. calixta
57. newbie2013 - paid
58. rxcluezer - paid
59. via mare - paid
60. norualsmj - paid
61. audi57 - paid
62. jin - paid
63. senjapogi - paid
64. generjohann - paid
65. yugarai

1. Technical Analyst 01 - paid
2. Technical Analyst 02 - paid
3. Spyfrat - paid
4. Kikay Speaker - paid
5. Ollie - paid
6. Master B - paid

This December EB is for all but since some of us members are separated by distance, many would not be able to attend. But you can still be part of the event as we would be posting pictures of the said event afterwards Smile .

Lastly, since this is a December affair and you are feeling generous since maybe you profited well in the stocks or that {bbname} has been particularly good to you Smile and you would like to make a contribution to the event, feel free to do so. We need it actually (smiles).

So there you go. Let's make this happen guys, mga bos.

Happy Holidays!

SMP Administrators
SMP Moderators

...ok go guys

...will send out din email and pm to all concerned members Smile thanks, pahinga na muna ako

sabado sana Comm.marami kami lakad fridayBig Grin
comm.. pwede b bandang alabang?? Smile
Yun time to meet and greet again mga master sa SMP. Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Comm, nag send na ako PM sau ha. I'm not available on those dates, bday kasi ng son ko yan. sorry guys, but I'm sure you will enjoy that EB.
Sama ako Boss Ollie. December 6 sana.
dec 6Smile
Trading stocks using technical analysis can be profitable if you understand the secrets that professional traders know.!/ginhawaibibigay

comm, agahan pa natin. strict ang peyrents ko ahihihihihi

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