Hello SMP! I am a new trader and want to get into Penny stocks. I have read and understood that these are very volatile and high risk, and I am willing to take the risk. But my real inquiry is: are there any penny stocks in PSE? If so, how is the trading volume of these stocks?

If there are any penny stock traders out there, please let me know of your experiences!

Good day and more power SMP!
Why people actually want to go to those ? Cause of their low value and ability to buy a lot or how much ? I think it's really depends from which company you are buying from and how their market share and place on the business goes overall ? Let me know any thoughts as well.
I was never interested in penny stocks. I have heard that there are some traders who are specialized in this kind of investments, but the issue is that you never know how it will end up and especially considering very low liquidity, it is question what you can actually do with these assets

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