How much you made so far for this year?
good to here the story guys this will be my foundation not to expect much
This is the platform created for the people who have already registered themselves in the trading market and allows them to share their experiences and let them tell you that how far they have come till date means how much profit they have earned and they risk they have faced in making this profit, that and excellent platform for discussion.
I don't want to reveal the amount of money i have made but this was a real good year for me in terms of profits. The secret behind my success is that i invest in different companies with different fields. I try to invest in the companies for the long term.
I have made some 10% on invested capital this year. Not so much, but considering that I am relatively new trader, I am sort proud of my achievement. I must admit that without short sale, year- end was pretty challenging for me
...negative 5K ako by end of 2019 to-date (nag-restart ako mid 2018),
pero madali namang mabawi by the end of the month (fingers crossed)
So far, down ng 6.25%. Looking to break even this Feb and more. At least 10% ang target by summer.
This past year has not been a good one for me. I will not tell you about the income or profit but I will tell you this that there is a lot of potential in the stock markets. You just need to hang in there and don't try to complicate things for yourself. I hope that you will earn some money in it.
Started 2013 and was able to enjoy the gains last 2016 when I sold all my shares in different stocks (except one) due to some financial difficulties. Since then, my one last remaining stock has given me 120% least on paper Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Angelburn, congratulation on your success. I think that stock market is functioning exactly like this – you make loses on several stocks but one pick must be able to cover all your previous losses and push you into profit zone
As a new trader, the best question to ask is not about profits, but rather losses. This is not to discourage you, but simply to introduce you to reality. If you start trading with that kind of mentality, you'll be disappointed when you lose, which is bound to happen. Be prepared for everything

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