Trading Strategy Tips
First rule of developing a trading strategy is to test it. There are two phases of tests. First you need to visually test it on history charts. For example you want to test a trend strategy, you must open a chart and draw trend lines, moving averages and add other tools to the chart. You must watch the price movements and see how your strategy can do in the past. You might consider changing a strategy at this step because you don't find it profitable. At last after testing some strategies, you find one that has been successful during for example 2006-2008. now you must test this strategy visually on different periods to see if it works the same, or just was good at that time. after finding a good strategy you need to test it on a demo account. And the last but not the lease is to test it on a real account. I advise you to start with small money. Smile
Hello sirs,

Noob question.

How will i make my -40% to positive?
I dont want to trade any other stocks because i want to exit and get my money but should be on positive for the same stock.

If i loss php100,000 can i buy worth php150,000 of the same stock and it will become positive?

Or do we have formula on how much i will need to spend to make -40% to at least +1%? Say i bought the stock at 100 per share and now it’s 60 per share...

Help me please. Thanks!

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