How to Monitor The Stock Market (News, Watchlist Alerts, Amibroker)
Hi. This is my first thread and baguhan lang din ako. I am a techy person so lahat inaasa sa computer. I will teach you how to monitor things about stock market Big Grin

1. Twitter Feed Monitoring - Why use twitter? News companies usually post headlines first before they develop the story. They usually post it in their twitter accounts then the article will follow later for breaking news.

I advise that you make a separate account so your twitter notifications wont be mixed with your personal accounts. First you have to make your own twitter account. Once your account is confirmed the next move is to follow news accounts (Suggest lang kayo ng magagandang ifollow for PSE) Smile

Next Download Notifier for Twitter FOR CHROME (Hanap nalang alternative option mga Firefox users) Or Try tweetdeck pero mas recommended ko yung sa chrome para habang nasa broker site. Nagaalert per news. Smile

Then ilink lang account na bagong gawa then ayun.

2. Watchlist - Uhh. for this kelangan ng android smartphone or tip ko mag bluestacks sa windows (Android Emulator)
Download PSE Finance PRO - Or google niyo lang .apk file nun (For tech people pero buying it will help the developer. Big Grin


Para mas updated Try PSE Watch - But you have to buy for portfolio and other features

3. Amibroker
(May thread na for this so di ko na to eelaborate)

---POST TO BE UPDATED. Sorry busy lang hahaha. Pero sana kuha niyo main point. HAHAHA.

Thank you. Really useful stuff.
Some people dream of great accomplishments, while others stay awake and do them.
Happy to help Smile
But what about something like for example some leading news sites and something like that overall later ? What do you say about that ? Are you with me here ? Can you please post them here not only some twitter accounts and some downloadable spreadsheets.

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