Truly rich club is it worth it?
I am so amazed that the world's 1 percent possess more money than the 99 percent. People still ask why the economy is broken. The rich are making money on behalf of the poor people. There should be a system that creates a balance between the two class.
personal opinion, no...
Like probably the very first person in that thread already mentioned it COULD be worth something if you are totally newbie and haven't read forum like ours for example in your daily doings - then probably yes. It can work that way. But if you already make that to some level why pay some probably hefty money for something which you really wouldn't use anyway. So think several times before devoting any money to such project and for sure read a lot of reviews out there about such ***** anyway. I hope you will understand over time what I seriously meant here. But for now thanks and good luck with all of that. I do hope we change that all somehow with time and more people will close that "educations"

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