Looking for Day Traders ( Forex Market ) (Profit Sharing program)
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Great to be part of StockMarket Pilipinas!

I am here to connect with serious Stock Market traders interested to be fund managers in the Forex Market.

Let's get in touch. +63 998 530 2193

Full Name: Juan Dela Cruz
Contact no. : 0998 888 8888
Trading Experience: Future, Options, Stocks, Forex, etc...
Years of Trading: 3

Not sure that many people will even reply to that program, what exactly profit sharing you propose here ? Most thing you really do here is something like for example trade by yourself and that's really it. Who really will bite this ? Not too many.
I have to say that the forex market is one of the most fascinating markets in the world. I know that there are many losses associated with forex trading but if you invest some time in the market, you will become addicted to it. Give it a shot and see how things go.
I am also find that very very fishy, one thing is to discuss something like that online anyway and some other thing simply do want a few more serious matters for that days anyway. Where else we could do that and some other is to profit sharing with someone else on the web for whatever they may want to even. I do see you want some offline meeting, well lot of time have passed you are free to share with us how it's all going anyway with anything you may want to see there totally and completely. Can you please do that really or not ? We can prolong with such matter lately. Can we ?

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