What stocks to buy para sa bago pa lang sa market?
Mga Sirs,

Second question ko na po sa inyo. Ano po ba ang mga stocks na dapat na bilhin muna kasi hindi ako familiar sa mga stocks na pinagkakaguluhan ninyo dito minsan katulad ng MRC, ORE pati yung VUL dati at BC.

Salamat po ulit sa mga sasagot lalo na kay Boss Ollie, laking tulong nyo lagi.

#2 Rico, ikaw na naman pala Big Grin I like the way you pose your questions, general pero specific nyahihihi Smile

...anyway, SMP or rather ako lang pala, would rather have you guys beginners or newbies avoid such stocks. Bazuras as what we often term them here. Kung hindi ka familiar sa mga stocks na pinagkakaguluhan namin sa forum, I would rather advise you to stay out. Do not get yourself into these kinds of stocks if you do not know what you should do in event na biglang magkaroon ng wild price swings. Price swings can be either ways, pwede pataas (swerte) and pwede pababa (malas). Most of the time it is the pababa that happens, and that is where most of the losses from mostly newbies and naive investors come from.

...if I were you, I would buy into familiar companies lke SMC, URC, BPI, PX. You can choose among the stocks that are listed in the PSEi. Mga Index stocks yung mga nandun and you can't go wrong, well you can din pala Smile but the thing is that if you choose to buy into these stocks which are listed in the Index, chances are that you will have a better goodnight sleep than when you bought among the third liners or the Bazura stocks.

...for your sake let us enumerate the Index stocks for you to choose in here...buti na lang nasa photobucket ko pa 'to

[Image: IndexStocks.jpg]

...nice line of questioning Rico, another +1 on your reputation...are you sure you do not know these things? Or you are just leading me into it? Smile

Ok boss Ollie delete ko nlng, sorry akala ko related sa pagbili ng stock. gawa nlng ako thread soon baka "how to scan a good stocks" hehehe....kaso dko pa alam kng ppde mag scan nababasa klng kasi sa ibang thread ang scan scan nayan...nakisabit lang ako dito kasi gusto ko after ma scan sasalain ko uli pinakatype kong stocks bago "bumili" kaya medyo related din sa what stock to buy ang gulo hehe censya ka na......
we need the expertise of boss chu here coz he got amibroker. may filter yun. filter the stock that crosses 50ma and 50rsi. pwede rin stock > 50ma yet <rsi 50, may divergence or <50ma but >50ma. pwede rin stock crosses below 50ma weekly for the kiss.
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I am hesitant and try to avoid buying stocks with negative P/BV or Price to Book Value. My reason is because it has Negative Capital (Liabilities exceeds Assets) and can be subjected to bankruptcy even if it will give a positive yield to me if ever I trade those stocks. A sudden event may happen and I am just being cautious with the money I am using in trading and investing at PSE.

Also, on its Annual Report, the audited statements has an opinion by an external auditor regarding the Corporation and will state if they are doubting the ability of the Corporation to continue as an operating entity.

One of my easiest way to screen the stocks with Negative P/BV is the Weekly Market Watch found at PSE site.

Sample companies on the above link with negative P/BV are CYBR, IS, PWR.
Good afternoon mga bosing, commander Ollie, Ruach and my master idol Spy, salamat sa input...sorry pala ang COL walang filter Sad....idol Sky sa palagay ko FGEN natin is "stock to buy na" with RSI 60.19 positive divergence...sali na rin BC LC LCB sa stock to buy Smile...commander Ollie, sorry dko ma delete post ko.....edit knlng nlng next time and mark deleted hehehe maraming salamat pong muli

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