How do you research?
hindi ko alam kun pede to question ko sa thread na to pero nandito na rin lang..

paano po kayo pumipili ng stocks na idaytrade? at panu maispot yun magceiling na stock?

Maraming salamat po.
nice nice....dami ko natutunan hehe...thanks sa lahat ng masters...
hi mky! eto ang pinaka importante at pinaka effective na strategy pag bago ka sa stock market.

"the trend is your friend"

kalimutan mo na ang lahat, wag lang yan. =) i'm sure maraming magagaling dito na willing to lend you a hand. i'd help, pero hindi naman ako magaling. mamaya maturuuan ka pa ng mali, ma dos por dos pa ako. hihi.
buy high, sell higher!

stock market abbreviations (for newbies)

"when it comes to trading, i'm just barely smart enough to realize that i'm a total idiot. i might be considered stupid, but on the intelligence scale, it puts me comfortably ahead of all the dumber people who thinks they're better than me."

Hi mky,

Some practical tips on Research:

1) Know what's happening around you. Keep up to date with global developments: US, EU, Asia, etc. It would be good to know the sentiment of investors globally. It can help you determine the flow of money. After that, assess the situation in the Philippines, geo-political and economic aspects particularly.

How to be updated: Watch CNN or bloomberg at least before you sleep or when you wake up in the morning. Read local newspapers or listen to the news. Make it a habit.

2) Try to be more familiar with the companies you are planning to invest in. As mentioned in the previous posts, read their financial statements and try to understand their business. This may take a lot of time but eventually, I'm sure you'll know which areas of the business or parts of the financial statements you need to pay attention to. Pag nasanay ka na, mabilis na lang yan. Profitability, Sutainability and Future Prospects would be my top priorities.

Where to get data: Company website, PSE website (annual reports and disclosures), Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters

3) Study your technicals for your entry and exit points. You may do self-study or enroll in technical analysis seminars.

And of course, Ollie's journal should be part of your daily read Smile

Yan na muna ma-share ko for now. I'm sure the other SMPers have more to share!

All the best!

Thanks for this info... My first stock buy any mini myni mo kaya tuloy cut loss ako....hihihi! learned the hard way... buti nalang at kita smp... dami ko natutunan.
Thanks sa mga tips! Nasimulan ko na rin manood ng bloomberg lalo na recently na di mo mawari takbo ng economy ng US n europe. Nagtrtry na rin ako magbasa ng technical analysis books and other trading related books.

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