StarMalls Inc
Renamed StarMalls Inc (STR)

Business Profile:

Polar Property Holdings Corporation (PO) was originally incorporated on October 16, 1969 as Polar Mines and Development Corporation primarily to pursue mineral exploration. In September 2004, the Board of PO approved the change in the Company's corporate name to its present name, as well as the change in its primary business purposes from mineral exploration to that of a holding company and real estate business.

PO, through its subsidiaries, is principally engaged in the development and marketing of medium cost lot and condominiums in Cavite, Muntinlupa City, Quezon City, and Manila. The subsidiaries are involved in the acquisition of undeveloped land, the planning and design of community developments, the securing of regulatory approvals for development and sale, the processing of mortgage financing for homebuyers, the supervision of land development and house construction, and the marketing and selling of houses and lots.

PO's subsidiaries are Brittany Estates Corporation, Polar Mines Realty Ventures, Inc., and Masterpiece Asia Properties, Inc. It also has one associate, Vista Land & Lifescapes, Inc.

Source: SEC Form 17-A (2010)

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Clarification of news article: "Villar family to jump on infrastructure bandwagon"

“…Aside from this, Villar said the family is also expanding its retail business which they plan to fold either Polar Properties Holdings Corp. or Vista Land …”

We are not in a position to confirm the above statements of our major stockholder, which refer to plans and views of our said shareholder. We also would like to assure the Exchange that the Company is fully aware of its disclosure and reportorial obligations and that the Company shall be making any necessary disclosure at the appropriate time.
mano PO lolo Smile

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Rider, for the potential bullish bat, what do you see as potential TP? Smile Thanks!
boss harbingerdeath Smile

using this model:
[Image: bharmonicmodel.png]

Protecting your profit: (assuming point D at 3.30)
1. your avg entry price plus commissions (buying & selling) or breakeven or a little above that will be your profit protection zone (PPZ)
2. watch for the resistance on the IPO zone (point B)
3. once it breaks your IPO zone, watch the PRZs above especially the make or break 113% ratio or it is called also the failed wave.

[Image: po07132011b.png]
Ayos! Salamat rider!
something's cooking... Smile what's up alpha?

[Image: po07222011.png]

[Image: po07222011w.png]
...txt na lang natin uncle, mas mabilis pa Big Grin but this is nice rider

wow double bottom @ 3.1 Big Grin
rider168, i also asked myself, why did alpha 106 bot a lot of shares last friday. dis is what they did to upm before it made a scene in the top gainers list. bumalik kaya above 5 pesos soon ito?

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