How do Bonds affect the Equities or Stock Market? tenks po
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Ano po ba mga effect nito sa isang stock mga bosing? Like yung Bonds ngayon ng FLI?
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Fixed-income securities (bonds, money markets, tbills, preferred shares isama mo na) are competitors ng equities. Basically, when equities are downtrending due to fear of whatever, then investors seek safer havens like fixed-income securities due to higher yield, liquidity and security. Look at the financial markets as a pie composed of equities markets, fixed-income markets, commodities markets, forex markets, derivatives markets and etc.. The amount of money in the system is the amount of pie. Due to scarcity and profit expectation and risk, investors may favor a certain market. Shifting of funds from one market to another lang. where the money goes, that tends to drive prices up sa market na yun.

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