Sir, question about foreign buying in a bazura stock
Sirs, how come I see an identified foreign brokerage house buying a stock, like ORE perhaps, which is not normally an identified stock foreigns normally make investments into?
Ma'am in my experience, knowing the brokerage house is not really a full proof way of knowing who the buyer behind the trade is. A lot of regular stock players have dummy accounts. Jockeys used them, so as insiders, who cover their trades to escape insider trading regulations. Government officials do this, I personally knew of a congressman who does these things. The best way to find out is if you knew somebody on the inside of a brokerage firm. Going back to the question of ORE, it could be that foreigners acquired the taste for ORE, or a local has been using the"identified" foreign brokerage firm.
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...madam, that is a thought provoking question...deserves to be answered...malalim

Hello Maam Ruach, someone from another forum asked a similar question as yours. I would repost the answer here: hope it helps

their seems to be a misconception amongst people with regards to locals and foreigners... brokerages such as CLSA are indeed foreigners and lets say COL is stated as local it doesn't mean that if its local only locals can buy through that brokerage

Let me give you an example:
A foreign national wants to open an account with a brokerage firm and he chose Angping Securities as his brokerage which is a local brokerage firm, but if the foreign national states in his application that he is a foreigner it would be tabulated in the Quotation report as a foreigner(NFB/NFS) even if his brokerage is a local brokerage, so for today we can assume Angping Securities had a foreign national selling ORE shares using a local entity but became clear in the quotation report that's why their was a huge NFS for ORE today.

Same goes with a local opening a local account with a foreign brokerage it would still be tabulated as local and not foreign

Personally I bought a few hundred thou shares in ORE last Sept and I remember people saying that their are foreigners buying into ORE which made me laugh, because incidentally I have a foreign acct with COL, so personally I dont fall for their tactics of foreigners getting into ORE same goes with ANI and other basuras but its not always the case possibly with hyped stocks like ORE we hear this more often that foreigners are buying these stocks

and I agree too with what StockJunkie said
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the buying of macq in ore was not flag as foreign. i think yung daiwa is. years before, it was dots who were used in geo, also atr.
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Thank you for all your answers. It is greatly appreciated. +1 to all of you. Smile
Yeah, don't get too excited on a stock dahil "foreign" brokers are buying. At the end of the day, they are just brokers.

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